Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing Services in Tampa

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing services let you optimize your direct mail campaign so each piece is customized for each person in the mailing. Curious about what is variable data printing?  Variable data printing services are meant to engage customers on a personal level. It can be used on letters, postcards, brochures, newsletters, label printing and more! Modern Mail & Print Solutions’ digital publishing technology makes it possible to combine a core template with personalized information from a database, customizing the text, images or promotions at specific times. Businesses have been known to increase their response rates with effective VDP strategies, almost tripling standard response rates!


Variable Data Printing

Major Variable Data Printing Advantages

When you customize the images, text or colors in a document to your target market, your message becomes more likely to capture the reader’s attention. A simple example of a piece with VDP is a letter that greets the recipient by name. However, you can gain greater benefits by using it in more sophisticated ways. You could recommend a product that complements a previous purchase or insert a picture of your nearest store.


Here are a few more benefits you get with variable data printing:

  • Personalize any aspect of the content to the recipient
  • Boost response rates by up to 300 percent
  • Customized greetings, offers and information
  • Short Run Order Capability
  • On-Demand Order with Faster turnaround times

Perhaps your organization asks potential customers to fill out a form before you add them to your mailing list. This provides an excellent opportunity to collect useful data. For instance, a resort in Florida could ask why each person wants to visit the area. This would allow it to include details about relevant attractions and activities in every mailing.


VDP Marketing

Effective VDP Marketing Techniques

Non-profit organizations survive off donations and support from donors, so they tend to turn to direct mail to communicate with their donors and further solicit donations. These organizations rely on using variable data printing to personalize their message to their donors, which always generates a more personal touch and generates higher response rates. For example, in a recent appeal letter for a local school, they solicited the grandparents of their students.

When the direct mail piece went out, it was not only personalized to the grandparent, but the letter contained their grandchild’s name and the grade they were in within the letter. So instead of this mailing being just another ask for money, it appealed to the target because the letter became personal.

Your organization or business can use variable data printing in Tampa to add custom landing pages or Personalized URLs.  This enhances tracking and helps personalize the information your readers see online. For example, you might supply URLs that direct people to web pages about the services you offer in their particular neighborhoods.


Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing Strategies: Subliminal to Utilitarian

Some variable printing techniques remain difficult for readers to detect – yet they still have a significant impact. One strategy involves personalizing the colors to suit different demographics or buying habits. A shopper who ordered camping and boating equipment in the past might receive mailings that incorporate shades of green, blue, and dark brown.

Other VDP techniques have far more practical purposes. Perhaps you own a business with multiple offices. You could customize each postcard with the phone number and street address of the location with a map that a client typically visits. This frees up space to include a more detailed sales pitch rather than a long list of contact information.


If you want to benefit from the higher response rates and efficiency of variable data printing, turn to the experts at Modern Mail & Print Solutions. Our 25,000 square-foot facility features a digital printing press that produces high-quality personalized material at economical rates. Feel free to request a quote or call 888-430-6245 to learn more about how we can incorporate VDP in your next direct mail campaign.

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