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Dear Val and the Modern Mail & Print Solutions Team,

Once again you all have made me, and Eckerd College as a whole, extremely thankful for all the work that goes into making our end-of-the-year events go so smoothly. I know it is always down to the wire with us, but you manage to come through and meet our deadlines. I do my best to plan ahead and get more days for you, but something happens along the way.

Everyone working on my job is kind and I appreciate you all. No one seems to mind putting in the extra time late on a Friday night or early on a Saturday morning to make that last piece come together.

The effort your team puts into printing our pieces certainly shows. It’s refreshing to work with a team that understands the importance of making an almost impossible deadline and you all are still smiling. (At least that is the side I see.)

Val, Thank you for shepherding these projects — I am sure it was stressful.

I am always thrilled to get the Saturday morning call and then meet the trucks at the field.

You have outdone yourself again and made each event a success.

Dawn Régan Ellenburg
Creative Director, Eckerd College Office of Marketing and Communications

Having worked with Modern Inserting and Mailing Services for nearly 20 years, I have always found them to be extremely reliable and knowledgeable of the ever-changing postal regulations. They have always provided excellent customer service and have genuinely shown that they really care about getting our pieces where they need to be, and in the most efficient and economical way.

Anne Rowland
Art Director, University of Tampa Office of Public Information

Thank you so much Modern Mail & Print and John Vigue for all of your hard work and patience. We were in the middle of a complicated move and way down on the priority list were stationary and business cards. We knew we needed them but just didn’t have the time to stay on top of it like we should. You made it a priority and were patient waiting for us to respond when we had time. Not only did you do an excellent job but you delivered them the day of our move so we didn’t even have to go one day without them. Thanks again so much for everything and for making a difficult move even easier.

W.G. Spoor
Shareholder/Spoor + Associates, P.A.

I have been working with Modern Mailing for many years. My company produces a monthly newspaper, and it is vital that our paper be delivered in a timely fashion. Modern Mailing has never let me down – getting my jobs done quickly and correctly – with none of the headaches I experienced with our prior mail house. My Account Manager, Val Case, is a delight to work with. Her high levels of attention and efficiency make my job easier, and I can’t imagine getting the paper done every month without her help. My highest praise goes out to Val and the MM team.

Sr. Sales Representative

Thank you for all of your hard work. Everything looks great, my supervisors are happy, and you’ve made me look good in the process. I used to spend hours and hours stuffing and stamping thousands of invitations but you’ve made it easy. Working with Modern Mail has been a blessing; you’ve saved me time, energy, …

Aliza Norstein
Administrative Assistant, Isreal Bonds

Cynthia Lake, Executive Director, Children’s Dream Fund stated, ‘Back in the 80’s when the organization started we would spread our mailings out on the floor and hand sort by zip code, band them together and bring to the Post Office. Then one day, someone told her about Modern Mail & Print Solutions. Ms. Lake stated, …

Kathy Scott
Children’s Dream Fund

Valerie Case at Modern Mail & Print has worked closely with PARC for the past several years on our appeal mailings and other printing needs. The appeal letters reach more than 4,000 individuals, families and local businesses in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Valerie and all her colleagues at Modern Mail & Print understand …

Elliott Rakofsky
PARC Vice President of Development

Working with Modern Mailing has greatly improved the quality and timeliness of our mailings. We are no longer restricted to a simple letter appeal, as the Modern Mailing team does a spectacular job of understanding our unique layouts. They bring our ideas and designs to life for some remarkable final products and always do so …

Bridget Blum
Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg

Barbara Cosser and her team exceed my expectations at every encounter. They treat each assignment with professionalism and diligence. They seem generally concerned with my company’s needs. I would highly recommend Modern Inserting & Mailing Service…

David M. Kramer
Senior Vice President, Pridgen Realty

I have been working with Modern Mailing for many years. My company produces a monthly newspaper, and it is vital that our paper be delivered in a timely fashion. Modern Mailing has never let me down – getting my jobs done quickly and correctly – with none of the headaches I experienced with our prior ..

Robin Tobias
The Prepaid Press

I would like to take a moment to thank Modern Mail for all the help they have given me with aspects to the mailing process. You have taken the time to educate us in the U.S. Post Office procedures and given us updates when they change the requirements. Your staff ESPECIALLY Val Case has been ..


Modern Mailing is an outstanding organization. Their work is of the highest caliber and their service is professional. I would highly recommend their services to any business. Thank you Modern!…

Laura Gates
Coordinator, Sales and Communication, Tampa Bay Rays

Without a doubt, the football magnets are the number one marketing tool I employ annually. This product has a shelf life year round, and my past customer and prospects look forward to receiving it each year. You know your marketing is working, when people call you asking for your magnet. That’s top of mind if …

Chris Hounchell
Real Estate Broker