How many pieces in my mail job do I have to have to qualify for a Bulk Mailing?

Minimum of 200 pieces are required to receive a Bulk Rate in postage.

What is the best way to send you my data?

 In a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet .

If I live in St. Pete or Tampa, do I have to pay a Drop Shipment Fee?

 No, we deliver locally right to the SCF, so there is no additional charge.

How much better of a response rate will I see with Variable Data Postcards?

 Studies show that Postcards with VDP see on average an increase between 2- 7% over the normal average.

What the smallest quantity I can send out at a time?

100 piece orders are typically the smallest order we run, but we have the capability of doing any quantity.

What can be personalized to the recipient on a VDP postcard order?

There are truly no limitations on what can be changed or personalized within an order. You can personalize the piece by the recipient’s first name, last name or business name. You can also change the message, image or offer on each piece which will truly personalize your message to your recipient.

Can you help me put together a direct mail campaign?

Yes, we specialize in figuring out what your project and goals are, and then we will put together a campaign that best suits your needs.

Why is using a Personalize URL more effective than using my own website?

This program allows you to drive prospects where you want them to go while personalizing their experience to them. Plus, our software makes it possible so that we can track everyone that logs into the site while capturing valuable information from them.

How many times should I mail to my targeted mailing lists?

Statistics show that it can take up to 3 touches before a prospect even remembers your name. So with Direct Mail campaigns, we suggest hitting your market between 3 and 5 times to ensure the best possible response rates. We offer custom postcard printing as well!

What kind of response rate should I expect from my direct mail program?

Response rates will always vary based on who you send to, the offer you give them and how many times you hit them with your message. But industry averages right now show response rates less than 1%.