Custom Mailing Lists

Custom Mailing List Tampa Bay

Custom Mailing Lists Get Your Direct Marketing Mailers into the Right Hands

In a direct mail marketing campaign, the set of eyes you send your piece to is the most important part of your marketing campaign’s success. A qualified mass mailing list can dramatically make or break your mailing. Knowing that, Modern Mail & Print Solutions has partnered with industry leading list compilers that can provide our clients with the most accurate residential and commercial custom direct mail lists possible. This way you can be sure you’re sending information directly to your targeted audience, including custom mailing list like new homeowner lists, neighborhood lists, new businesses, area specific, age and income demographic lists, and others.

Custom Mailing Lists

Have you been asking yourself “how do I get a mailing list? One of the best ways to attract new business, to keep proven customers returning, and to remind infrequent customers about the excellent services and products you supply are through drip marketing or direct mail campaigns. We can help by providing you with addresses for the particular demographic you need to find.

It is the mission of Modern Mail & Print Solutions to provide our customers with the best mail solution in the industry. Our business operates at the highest possible standards of excellence and ethics, and we strive to pass that dedication to excellence on to you with the list data we provide you.

Custom Mailing Lists

When you sit down and determine a plan with Modern Mail & Print Solutions, you will receive professional service and experience to guide you from the start of your mailing project to the end. We will do the list research that is needed to give you the best outcome for your goal, while narrowing down your lists to make sure you are hitting your desired target while helping you fit your campaign within your desired budget. Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution that will provide the highest response rate.


Common Databases

These Custom Direct Mail Lists are available for both single use and multi-use and can be merged with or de-duped against your customer list. Some of the more common databases that our customers use include New Homeowners, New Business, and Neighborhood-Specific:

New Homeowner Databases

New Homeowner Databases:

This database of addresses provides service providers and others with information about people who are looking for services often associated with new homes. This service can include Internet and other entertainment and work connections, banking options, churches, and many other targeted services and products that people who have just moved are poised to purchase and might need your company soon.

New Business Databases

New Business Databases:

Much like new homeowners, new businesses have needs and are ready to make purchases to solve those needs as soon as they can. Insurance companies, banks, Internet and other communications services may all find it useful to create a new relationship with a new business.

Neighborhood Databases

Neighborhood Databases:

This database is designed to allow business owners to target specific carrier routes or neighbors. The premise is based off like people, live in like areas, so if someone in that neighborhood is a client of yours, chances are there are others like them in that same area. Modern Mail & Print Solutions can help compile a list of addresses for those who live in specific areas around where your current customers are located.


Let Modern Mail & Print Solutions provide you with an accurate list of the types of customers you’re looking for. Give us a call at 888-430-6245 and get a free quote for custom mailing lists for your next direct mail project.