Folded Self Mailer Tabbing Services for Tampa Bay Businesses

Tabbing Services Help You Mail More Profitably

Why does direct mail need tabbing? Because folded self mailer tabbing pieces that are not mailed in an envelope won’t qualify for automation postage prices which could significantly impact the price of your mailing.


Tabbing Maximizes Mailer Effectiveness and Discounts

Tabbing Machine

Tabbing in direct mail utilizes small clear stickers, called “wafer seals,” for securing mail pieces while in transit. Mailings that are correctly tabbed not only make it to your recipients intact – they also might qualify you to get substantial discounts on postage.

Our facility has four tabbing units that run in-line with our direct addressing systems. We can even provide a live stamp feature for your mailing, including First-Class, Standard, or Non-Profit postage.


Tabbing Gets Your Mailing There In One Piece

Folded self mailer tabbing helps prevent jams in the postal service’s high-speed processing equipment. Mailings must be tabbed to seal the edges of folded pieces so that they run smoothly through the machinery that expedites the mailing process.

Specific standards for tabbing folded mailers, brochures, postcards, or booklets are based on the weight of the paper stock and the location of the bound or folded edge. Some facilities may use glue instead of tabs to seal open edges.


How Many Tabs Are Required Per Mailer?

To get United States Postal Service discounts, your mailer must follow strict and specific requirements regarding the location and number of tabs adhered to each piece. There’s a tradeoff to consider: More tabs make for more secure mailers, but they also increase the processing price.

Best practices for tabbing are complex enough that it’s smart to contact us during the design phase of your mailer to get advice on structuring your piece cost-efficiently. With so many years of experience, we can help you determine the best plan for folding and tabbing for any mailer type.

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