Flowmaster 12000 pocket inserter and direct addressing machine

Direct Mail Inserts

Need Inserting Services for Your Next Mailer?

Inserting services make adding special promotions, brochures, and other add-ons to your mailer easy and economical. Whether you have 600 or 600,000 envelopes that need filling, Modern Mail & Print Solutions is the place to go for direct mail inserts jobs in Clearwater, FL and the Tampa Bay area.


Why Include an Insert in Your Next Mailer?

Direct mail inserts more than double the power of your mailer – for a fraction of the cost of the original piece. With the right insert, your postage costs won’t increase – but you’ll have more opportunities to sell to your prospect. You could even use your insert to offer discounts, product bundles, encourage reorders, introduce a loyalty or referral program, or test new offers.

Stuffing inserts into mailers by hand is time-consuming, tedious and costly. If you try to handle this in-house, you can bet your staff will dread mailing time. Between paper cuts and monotony, this is not a project anyone wants to tackle.


The Advantages of Mechanical Mail Insertion

Modern Mail & Print Solution’s high-tech equipment makes short work of inserting various sized marketing materials, landscape brochures, concertina brochures, and more. We use four 6-pocket inserters, a 6-pocket 9″ x 12″ inserter, which can add many different pieces into an envelope while addressing the mail piece at the same time.

If you have never used mechanical mail insertion before, you’ll be thrilled to find out how cost-effective and fast this project can be completed. Rather than tying up your team’s time manually stuffing envelopes, you can focus on tasks that create revenue and serve your customers.


Get a Quote for Your Next Mail Insertion Job

With all these advantages, it is obvious that the best direct mail advertising Modern Mail & Print Solutions should be your first stop the next time your marketing campaign calls for a large mail-out with inserts. There is just no need to waste your staff’s time, skills or energy folding inserts and stuffing envelopes.

Call us today at 888-430-6245, come by and see us, or request a quick quote online for your next mail insertion job. Our professional team is ready to assist you!