Drop Ship/Delivery

Popular Mail Services in the Tampa Area

Drop Ship and Delivery Services Take the Hassle Out of Mailing

Drop ship and delivery services make your direct mail campaign process easy and productive. The Modern Mail & Print Solutions’ popular mail services team works hard to help you find ways to save money with every direct mail piece you send.

Streamline Your Mailing Process

Drop Ship to Streamline Your Mailing Process and Save You Money

With drop shipping, we expedite your shipping to save you time and money. Modern Mail & Print Solutions own permits in both St. Petersburg and Tampa, which allows us to evaluate how we can save you the most money on your postage.

We utilize both National Parcels Logistics and FedEx for Drop Ship purposes, allowing us to save you between $.03 – $.043 per piece for qualifying drop shipment pieces going to National Distribution Centers (NDC) and Sectional Center Facilities (SCF).

Not only do you save money with every mailing, but your drop shipped pieces typically arrive 2-3 days faster than regular standard class mail.


Better – Since we offer printing services and mailing services, there’s no need to have to pick up your mailers and drive them to the post office!

Faster – Drop shipped pieces typically arrive 2-3 days faster than by other mailing methods.

Cheaper – We pass our postage savings on to our customers. Because we are a commercial mail house, we cannot make a profit on postage.

Drop Shipping and Delivery

Maximizing Your Drop Shipping and Delivery Cost Savings

Modern Mail & Print Solutions’ popular mail services give you an expert advantage because we will advise you on any discounts you’re eligible to receive. Our goal is to help you get the maximum postage savings on your mailings possible so you get a highest return on investment. We make this pledge of maximizing your discounts and the effectiveness of every order you place with us.

Modern Mail & Print Solutions has worked hard to gain a reputation for our expertise, attentive customer service, cost-effectiveness and consistent high-quality results. This is what our direct mail service solutions in Tampa are all about.


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