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Data Processing Services in Tampa Bay

Data Processing Makes for More Successful Mailings

At the heart of every successful direct mail campaign is the Mailing List sent to, making data processing a critical component. For data processing companies, the processing of the mailing list becomes an important step in the overall campaign objective to ensure its success. Data processing companies must be done in a manner that makes that list the most accurate and the most cost effective to mail to or you will likely spend a fortune mailing to bad addresses. This means mailing to targets with valid addresses, or following those targets that have moved. It means mailing only one piece to that target, not multiples in the case of duplicates in the list. It also means taking advantage of every postal discount available and not wasting valuable postage unnecessarily. Using top industry software and sound processing methods, in the hands of a talented data staff, is what makes Modern Mail & Print Solutions’ data processing services stand out above the competition. As one of the top sources for data processing outsourcing, we use the latest industry-standard postal software and proven, well-practiced procedures to accomplish those objectives.

Data Processing
Structured Data Processing Production

Modern Mail & Print Solutions’ data processing production follows a system of proven steps and methods that have grown and developed through decades of experience to provide a solid, proven operation that works, providing a dependable resource for the client. At the same time, the system is kept uniform and structured to gain the benefits of both speed and flexibility. This is an advantage to mailing clients, as the nature of marketing often involves last minute changes and fast turn times. With the production process in place, Modern Mail & Print Solutions is able to provide data processing services with this need in mind.

Data Processing Production
Accuracy is Crucial in Data Processing Production

Just as important as structured production is the need for accuracy. It’s easy for other direct mail companies, without a policy of experienced and structured production, to make mistakes. It’s a common occurrence in the industry that you can avoid by using Modern Mail & Print Solutions in Clearwater, Florida. Unlike a mail piece that is printed, that you can see and touch, data is an intangible component of the campaign that is easily taken for granted. A careless or amateur mistake can go by unnoticed until the end result of the overall campaign has failed. With Modern Mail & Print Solutions, our clients feel confident that their direct mail data is in the industry’s most professional hands, following carefully orchestrated processing procedures, complete with checks and balances in place to ensure that accuracy.


The Data Processing Services offered include:

  • Secure FTP Server, with a private account option, for transferring large or sensitive data files
  • File conversions from a variety of formats (Excel, csv, tab-delimited, etc.)
  • Data Hygiene, including case conversion, punctuation and letter salutations
  • CASS Certification for Address Standardization and barcoding for Postal Automation discounts
  • NCOA Processing (48-month) to update addresses for those that moved and notified the USPS
  • Removal of identified invalid addresses or those who have moved without a new valid address
  • Exporting invalid and/or moved addresses for client use to update their internal databases
  • Merge/Purge (duplicate elimination based on Name & Address, Address Only, or custom criteria)
  • Suppression of another list (Do not mail file, purging existing customers, etc.)
  • Digital VDP (changing letter forms, images, static messages, etc. based on variable data criteria)
  • Segmentation for separating the list data into multiple mail piece versions or scheduled drops
  • Postal Presorting to take advantage of all possible USPS postage discounts
  • Drop Shipping for further postage discounts, using less expensive mail transportation costs
Why Choose Modern Mail & Print Solutions?

When choosing a company for your direct mail campaign, remember these points, especially when considering the data processing elements. Structured production, processing accuracy, and a full menu of professional industry data services ARE what set Modern Mail & Print Solutions apart from the other direct mail service providers attempting to offer the same.

For over 40 years, family-owned and operated Modern Mail & Print Solutions has provided Tampa Bay businesses with the exceptional mailing services they need to thrive. Call 888-430-6245 or click to connect with us online for a free estimate, and discover how our data processing services can help you take your business to the next level.