SCF Discounts

Recent facility closures have brought huge changes to the Mailing industry, increasing costs and slowing down delivery times. In addition, these changes have impacted our local area making it more difficult for local mailers to achieve SCF Discounts in both Tampa and St. Petersburg. Previously, if you owned a permit at either Tampa or St. Petersburg and you were mailing into that area, you automatically received a $.04 discount for entering your mail into the Bulk Mailing Facility. Now as of January 5, 2015 to qualify for SCF discounts, mailers will no longer be able to achieve that discount at the BMEU (Bulk Mailing Facility) and are now required to enter mail at the identified SCF location for that mail. So this means if you own a permit in Tampa or St. Petersburg, for you to achieve the SCF discount there will be a Drop Ship Charge associated with that mailing because those facilities are not SCF locations. These changes may cause you to see either higher postage costs or an additional Drop Ship charge with your mail.

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