How to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy with Direct Mail

Marketing messages are everywhere now, more prevalent than ever with the increasing amount of digital platforms that allow for display advertising and targeted ad campaigns. Social media sites have drastically changed how many businesses view their marketing strategies and achieve demographic coverage. So with everyone playing the same game with similar marketing strategies, how can your business stand apart?  The answer is to take a fresh look at one of the original vehicles for reaching consumers: direct mail. Continue reading to learn how to revamp your marketing strategy.

Direct mail may be an older form of marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s less effective. It is proven to be the best one-on-one form of marketing that you can control who you hit and when you hit them with your message.  In fact, it’s typically more effective than some digital marketing practices. And here’s the kicker — everybody still gets mail and they look forward to seeing what is in their mail box. Mail hasn’t disappeared in the slightest! Utility bills may be going paperless, but that presents the perfect opportunity for you to take over the mailbox with your own personalized piece of direct mail. If 66% of shoppers are more likely to use a coupon or voucher if they have a tangible form they can hold in their hands, then why not be the company who gave it to them?

How to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy with Mail:

  • Start by gathering data. This includes addresses of all current customers as well as prospective ones. Analyze shopping trends and methods. Compile all data that can help you in the campaign.
  • Create a way to personalize it. Use the data to send out coupons or discount vouchers to shoppers who buy more of one thing or shop at certain times. Add names and shopping history if you can as well. It makes customers feel special and more willing to continue using your business.
  • Find a great printing company. You’ll want to make sure you find a printing company that can handle your printing and cater to your needs. Don’t confirm to templates and doing what everyone else is using for direct mail. Work with someone that will help direct you and get you thinking outside of the box!  Work with a Direct mail marketing company that can help you execute the perfect campaign at a cost effective price.
  • Once you’ve started your campaign, you’ll want to make sure you continue to review it’s success and reevaluate if necessary. Continue to offer new promotions and member discounts to keep people’s interest peaked.  Track your response rates and adjust your offer and message based off those responses.

The success of your business is about being different while remaining relevant. Don’t count out old tactics for new ones, and always pay attention to the data. If customers want physical mail, then you should definitely be the one to oblige them. Contact us to start!

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