Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Marry Direct Mail And Digital Marketing

There are articles upon articles about the importance of digital marketing in today’s tech world, yet the effectiveness of traditional direct mail strategies shouldn’t be overlooked. At the same time, ignoring the necessity of a strong digital marketing campaign will destroy your business. The obvious solution, then, is to artfully combine digital efforts with direct mail strategies in order to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns. If you’re not convinced yet, read up on these reasons why you need both methods to succeed. Here is why everything should integrate for your marketing strategy…

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Digital Inundation

Digital ads and banners are on every page, platform, and video. The average American is sees¬†thousands of advertisements per day, according to recent reports. With this much digital content, consumers have become accustomed to scanning over these ads. They do the same as they read or scroll through websites and social media platforms. In fact, only about 2% of digital ads actually receive a person’s full attention each day. This saturation of digital content also means that its quality has significantly decreased. In addition, it has become less trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

Mailboxes vs Inboxes

This saturation affects your email inboxes as well. Consumers lose track of the hundreds of promotions sitting in their inboxes. But they will have much less content in their physical mailboxes. Over 60% of direct mail recipients were convincing to visit a promoted website. The greatest influence was on first-time shoppers, according to a USPS study. Partner with local commercial printing services, like a printing company Tampa Bay trusts, and your physical promotions and ads will make it right into the hands of your target audience.

People Love Print

When you work with an experienced and local printing company, you’re creating content that consumers can easily process. According to a sweeping study a neuromarketing firm conducted for Canada Post, direct mail takes 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media. This suggests that direct mail is easier to understand as well as being more memorable. Consumers could recall a brand 75% of the time when they receive direct mail offers, but only 44% of the time when they received digital-only versions.

In the world of marketing strategy, the most effective campaigns do not rely solely on one technique or another. By marrying digital marketing with direct mail strategies, a business can capture the attention of more consumers and generate more leads.

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