Trends of Millennials: Examining the Marketing and Shopping

It’s no secret that our world is becoming more digital and technology-oriented every single day.¬†These changes have altered the way people communicate with each other. It’s more important than ever before to understand the trends of millennials. Direct digital printing used to be the primary way to send and receive documents. Some even say that it’s slowly but surely becoming obsolete and unnecessary. Is that true?

representing Trends of Millennials

A whole 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct-mail advertising. That’s great but how many of those people are part of the older generation and how many are millennials? The statistics may surprise you.

Trends of Millennials

Many people are under the impression that millennials are too tech-savvy to concern themselves with anything but their mobile devices. That’s why marketers have altered the way they get millennials’ attention. They’re skipping direct mail and opting for emails and social media promotions. Since the Internet is an indispensable part of many people’s lives for nearly 20 years, businesses have had to change the way they conduct operations. An flyer advertisement in the mail is now sent as an email or even text promotion.

Catch with Millennials

But here’s the catch — direct marketing and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive. Businesses often use both methods as a means of reaching out to different audiences, and rightfully so, because they both drive sales to a certain degree.

The thing is millennials’ shopping habits are equally split between online and in-store shopping. However, there’s no denying the advantages of being able to see certain products in the store before committing to buying them. The younger generations do prefer to have the option of shopping in a store and on-line.

Ultimately, research indicates that direct mail may not be the only form to reach an audience anymore. Even if it’s still preferred by a good portion of the population, including millennials. The future of direct mail is unknown, but for now, businesses are doing their best to integrate both direct mail and digital marketing into one brand-driven customer experience.

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