Fonts and Feelings: Choosing the Best Font for Marketing

Imagine the dread of having spent thousands on a marketing campaign to later notice a typo. What if it wasn’t a typo but something worse… bungled-up font! You’d make it onto a list of marketing fails — but you’re not laughing.

What is the best font for marketing? That’s a bit tricky.

The typography of your marketing wholly depends on your brand and its image. There are factors such as the history of said font and typeface, too. And, what people think of these fonts are bundled into the experience.

Let’s give it a shot and try…

Finding the Best Font for Marketing Materials

Fonts convey emotions. They leave an impact.

Script fonts tend to convey elegance. Blocky fonts have you expecting some big, impactful news. Stylized type may feel cartoonish or eclectic.

The point being that fonts have a long history and influence. You’ll want to keep this in mind while experimenting with fonts for your materials.

The Audience

Consider the targeted audience in the business mailing list you’re building:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Education
  • Lifestyle

Use resources to figure out the font they enjoy:

There’s a good chance audiences appreciate familiarity. But, do consider your audience and their nuances. Then, find a font that’s appropriate for this group.

A Simple Test

Simplify the font selection by running a simple A/B test.

The process involves the following:

  1. Pick two variants (fonts) of the same word/phrase
  2. Show both to a group, asking which they like best
  3. Set the favorite from this test as the new favorite

Repeat this process using the new favorite until you’ve landed the perfect pick.

Ask not only what they thought of the font but how they felt. And, how easy the font was to read or if it resonated with them. This will get to the bottom of what leaves an emotional impact on your audience.

Using “Classics”

Truly stumped on which fonts to choose for your marketing materials? Try using the “classic” fonts we’ve come to know and love.

Classic fonts include:

  • Helvetica
  • Times
  • Futura
  • Georgia
  • Minion

Or the popular fonts making their way around the design circle as of today.

This goes back to knowing the audience and familiarity. Using a familiar font may express emotions one has with a major brand or product. You could leverage this by making your brand convey this same emotion and connection.

It’s Versatility

You have to think of all the ways you’ll use the font:

Take your font choice and play around with its design. Scale it teenie tiny, then really big, seeing if it holds up. Swap around colors to see if you can still read it.

You want a font you could replicate over and over without losing its message.

Let Us Make the Hard Decision For You

Well, at least when picking the best font for marketing!

We’ve coordinated countless direct mail campaigns. We’ve printed far too many materials than we can count! We know a thing or two about what fonts make the most sense in marketing campaigns.

Why not get in touch and see what we have in mind? Go now and inquire about our printing services for the details.

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