Fetching Flyer Fonts! The 5 Best Fonts for Marketing

Fetching Flyer Fonts! The 5 Best Fonts for Marketing

Around 80 to 90 percent of direct mail gets opened. That’s a much higher statistic than email, of which only 20 to 30 percent gets opened.

Of course, people receive plenty of direct mail, so you have to be sure your flyer grabs their attention. Good design is key, and picking the right typefaces are part of achieving it.

So which typefaces should you be using? We’ve rounded up five of the best fonts for marketing. Try one of them in your next campaign!

1. Go Classic with Bodoni

Bodoni might be the oldest font on this list, but it still ranks as maybe the best font for flyers. Designed in 1798, this typeface can give your flyer classic flair.

There’s a reason this font has stuck around as long as it has. With great contrasts between thin and thick lines and a pleasing geometry, it’s easy to read yet delicate.

2. Century Gothic Is Easy on the Eyes

One of the defining features of the best fonts for print is how easy to read they are. The letters should be crisp and clear at almost any size.

Century Gothic fulfills that need. It’s neat and easy to read, even from across the room. If you’re looking for something familiar and legible, this font is for you.

Don’t fret that it might seem plain or “boring.” This versatile font can be dressed up in many ways depending on your design.

3. Verdana Bridges the Digital Divide

Few digital fonts have translated into print brochure fonts, but Verdana is one exception. Designed in the late 1990s, Verdana was intended to be read on computer screens. It shrinks down and scales up with ease.

That may be why it’s so popular with advertisers and marketers. If you have a lot of copy to get on your flyer, you can shrink it down in Verdana without losing legibility.

4. Helvetica Is One of the Best Fonts for Marketing

Since it was designed in 1957, Helvetica has taken over the world. It’s probably the world’s most popular font, and it’s recognized by most people. Many famous companies have used it in their logo, and plenty of designers love it for stand-out titles and headings.

Perhaps the secret to Helvetica’s success is how clean and neat it is. Available in a wide range of variations, it’s one of the most readable fonts for print.

5. Get a Modernist Feel with Futura

Rounding out our list of great flyer fonts is this modernist classic from 1925. Futura may have been a product of the Art Deco movement, but it’s never really gone out of style.

Futura’s geometry is pleasing on many levels, and it stands out at almost any size. Nearly a century of marketers and advertisers can’t be wrong, so adopting Futura for your next direct mailing campaign is a smart move.

The Building Blocks of a Great Campaign

These are just some of the best fonts for marketing. There are hundreds of others. Some are classic while others are trendy.

Combining the right typefaces with standout design is the key to direct mailing success. If you’re looking for a knockout design for your next campaign, get in touch with us today!

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