Direct Mail Marketing Tips And Trends

Direct mail marketing has a larger emotional impact than digital ads. As such, it has resulted in a stronger recall. The average household receives two or more pieces of direct mail a day and 90% of the direct mail is opened.

If the house has a median income of more than $65k, there is a 58% chance they will buy goods recommended by direct mail when it is relevant to them.

The reason why households have a high rate of opening direct mail is that there is a sense of excitement. Consumers cannot wait to read what new products or offers are in the mail from their favorite retailors. Direct mail marketing is effective because it is memorable, tangible and creates a lasting impression among your prospects.

In this post, we highlight the direct mail marketing tips and trends.

direct mail marketing

Know Who Your Audience Is

Direct mail marketing can be expensive but the ROI can be huge. To make your campaigns effective, you need to know your audience and who you are trying to target. The best way to start is by creating a list of your current customers.  Knowing who your customer is, what they look like, how they buy and how frequently they buy is key to a marketing strategy.  This allows you to focus your campaigns towards your customers’ needs and wants, which will increase response rates.

Also by profiling your current customers, it will help you identify what your future customer looks like. You can purchase custom consumer mailing lists that are specific to the type of audience you want to market to.  Identifying your target market is essential for having a successful direct mail campaign.

Maximize Your Returns with Value-Added Promotion

You can continue saving and maximize your returns with value-added promotions. In every direct mail sent to customers, it should contain rebates and discounts or a strong call to action. For instance, you can add a coupon that your customers can redeem when shopping.

By doing so, you are giving your customers a reason to buy from you now and not later.

But how do you make your message stand out?  Use relevant and tailored messages specific to your audience. Make your offer specific to their wants and needs.  Personalize your direct mail piece by using VDP (Variable Data Printing) so that it calls out to your recipient.  Response rates soar when the consumer thinks the direct mail piece was specific to them and not everyone else.

Personalizing your messages has been a proven way to maximize conversion rates and will help establishing customer loyalty.

Select the Right Medium

30% of internet users are expected to use an ad blocker. What this indicates is that consumers are getting overwhelmed with email ads and are running away from the digital ads. To reach your savvy customers, you need to up your game.


By adopting the latest in direct mail marketing tips and strategies. For instance, invest in influencer marketing, seek referral partnerships or use postcards. Another strategy that businesses are yet to capitalize on is cross channel marketing.

This is where businesses get to integrate many channels such as direct mail, and social media. A good example is where a business has invested in an AI fused CRM. The application allows easier integration with your direct mail marketing efforts.

Using AI, you can track consumer behavior and even anticipate their needs. AI technology can also help you forecast your channel fatigue.

Send out Creative Designs

What design pieces have you been sending out in the past? Were you able to achieve your goals? If your conversion rates have remained the same, then you may want to inject some creativity in your designs.

Instead of small designs, why not go for large pieces. Incorporate bright colors and higher impact images. When it comes to CTAs, use those that can compel your customers to take action.

You can also incorporate fun and creative elements such as texture. Even when it comes to paper, go for heavier stock.

Growing Your Business with Direct Mail Marketing

Only Direct Mail allows you to target your specific prospect, with a specific offer that is for them, that allows them to respond how and when they want to.  That is why Direct Mail Marketing remains the best one-on-one marketing tool for any business.  Profile your customers and utilize personalization and watch your response rates increase!

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