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How To Use and Choose a Direct Mail Fulfillment Service

How To Use and Choose a Direct Mail Fulfillment Service

For business owners, direct mail campaigns can provide mixed results. If your marketing materials end up at the wrong addresses, they end up in the garbage. However, working with the right direct mail fulfillment service can help you keep new customers and bring in more profits.

Let’s explore how direct mail fulfillment works, some statistics about using this time-tested marketing technique and how to find the right service for your business.

What Is a Direct Mail Fulfillment Service?

Direct mail marketing takes many forms. To entice customers to work with their company, a business may send various types of materials through the mail directly to potential customers and people who have signed up to be on their mailing list:

  • Newsletters
  • Postcards with coupons
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Announcements
  • Self-mailers
  • The classic catalog
  • Magazine inserts

A direct mail fulfillment service handles the logistics so business owners don’t have to spend hours addressing envelopes, combing through mailing lists and making trips to the post office. By partnering with a company that provides direct mail fulfillment for businesses, owners can focus on daily operations.

How To Use and Choose the Right Direct Mail Marketing Service

A direct mail fulfillment service makes that happen by addressing your mail correctly, packaging it beautifully and sending it out on-time. Many of these services need your mailing list and marketing materials. You have to go to other vendors to create those.

However, if you want a direct mail marketing service to handle everything and streamline the process, look for one that offers:

That means you only need to approach this kind of company with a goal, budget and some information about your company’s consumer base. They’ll handle the rest and keep you updated.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Worth It?

While marketing today is seemingly dominated by emails and e-commerce, a recent study of 240,000 consumers shows that direct mail marketing isn’t just alive and well — it’s potentially up to five times more lucrative than sending promotional emails alone.

According to the US Small Business Administration, 76% of consumers will discuss mail from a brand they know while 68% will throw away unwanted mail immediately. When handled correctly, direct mail marketing creates organic, valuable word-of-mouth buzz.

Great! Where Can I Find a Company That Does All That?

If you’re looking for a company that handles direct mail marketing from start to finish, Modern Mail & Print Solutions of Florida has the staff and equipment to make it happen.

Need to develop a mailing list based on your most productive customer segments? We can do that. Want a graphic designer to improve or create new direct mail marketing materials? Our staff is ready. There’s no need to go to another vendor.

At the end of it all, we use cutting-edge printing and packaging equipment to put attractive marketing materials in the right hands. Let us show you why some of Tampa’s biggest companies have trusted us for over 40 years with all of their direct mail fulfillment service and marketing needs. Contact us today for small-business customer service and big-business execution.

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These Are the Most Important Benefits of a Direct Mail Service

These Are the Most Important Benefits of a Direct Mail Service

Deciding on and committing to a marketing strategy can send you into a whirlwind of confusion. With social media, email campaigns, print marketing, and many other options, you can feel stuck knowing what tools to use.

However, one marketing strategy can tie many of your other marketing tools together, direct mail marketing.

Read on to learn how a direct mail service can provide your business with benefits to expedite your growth.

Personalized and Targeted Reach

Direct mail services have the power to do something that, often, other marketing tools cannot. Direct mail is personalized and allows you to target your marketing reach.

Using direct mail takes your connection with a customer beyond a screen and directly into their mailbox. Your ad can then be hung on their fridge or saved in their car. This experience is more personal than seeing a Google ad.

Also, with lists of customer information beyond a name and address, you can become more granular in targeting the right people with the right message.

Direct Mail Partners Well with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As earlier mentioned, direct mail can tie many of your marketing strategies together for a better ROI.

Direct mail campaigns partner well with your digital campaign strategy. You can send a postcard ad in the mail with a QR code directing people to your website. Or, upon completion of sending a mailer to your audience, you can follow up with a well-crafted email campaign.

You have many options to utilize both marketing tools and have them work together for your business.

Stand Out Among Your Competition

Your customers’ email inboxes overflow with dozens of emails a day, and they see dozens of ads each day. So, how can you stand out?

Tap into direct mailing services, where you will find less competition for customer attention in the mailbox. You won’t have to worry about your email going to spam when you essentially place personalized marketing material right into the hands of your customers.

Get noticed and create brand recognition by providing inbox marketing that your customers will appreciate.

Save Money and Receive a Great ROI

Recent statistics show customer response rates to direct mail marketing provide a 112% return on investment. With stellar numbers such as this, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to start hearing from your customers.

ROIs for direct mail are comparable to those of digital marketing. However, you can get started with direct mail with a small list and see a quicker return, unlike many digital strategies.

Opt For Direct Mail Service to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing changes regularly, but the value of direct mail marketing is steady. Optimize your marketing strategy and implement a direct mail service to watch your business grow.

Consider how these benefits could impact the growth of your business and the relationship with your customers. The decision should be a no-brainer.

If you have questions about direct mail marketing, reach out to us at Modern Mail. We would be happy to write a quote for you and partner with you grow to grow your business through marketing.

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Postcard Marketing 101: How to Make Your Postcards Stand Out

Postcard Marketing 101: How to Make Your Postcards Stand Out

Did you know that over forty-two percent of direct mail recipients at least scan the contents of the mail they receive?

If you aren’t investing in a mail marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales. While email recipients can set up filters or send your messages to spam, physical mailings are a great way to get your message directly in the hands of your customers.

Postcard marketing in particular can take your direct mail strategy to the next level. But how can you be sure that your postcards are actually being read by the recipients?

Keep reading to learn some postcard design tips and other ways to make your postcards stand out.

Decide on Your Message

Because postcards have limited space, you need to get right to the point with your message. What do you want your customer to do after reading your postcard?

If you’re running a deal or special, make that the entire focus of your copy. If you’ve changed locations or updated your web presence, talk only about that.

Try to highlight more than one thing, and you run the risk of none of your messages getting across.

Make It Personal

If your customer thinks they’re getting the same exact postcard as everyone else in their city, they’re less likely to take action than if they think the postcard was crafted especially for them.

Use your customer relationship management software to track people’s names, places of business, and other relevant information. Insert these details into your variable data postcards. You can also use personalized URLs to provide each of your customers with a unique offer code.

People also love seeing other real people on their postcards. For example, when including a customer testimonial on a postcard, consider including their picture as well. This helps your other customers see them as a real person they can relate to.

Even including a picture of your CEO or your staff on the postcard shows mail recipients that your brand is powered by people just like them.

Use Design Intentionally

All the well-crafted messaging in the world will mean nothing if it isn’t presented in an attention-grabbing package. The beauty of a postcard is that it is so visual, so use design elements to your advantage.

Make the header and your call to action stand out with large or bold text. Use no more than a couple of different font styles to avoid overwhelming your customers with visual information. Leave white or blank space where you can, and use images that evoke a strong feeling in your customer.

Postcard Marketing Made Easy

When you keep your customer experience in mind while designing your postcard marketing campaign, it’s hard to go wrong. Focus your message, make it personal, and use graphic design to your advantage, and you’re sure to see the returns from your postcard advertising that you need!

Looking for more support with your advertising? Modern Mail & Print Solutions has the expertise and resources you need from a partner, whether you’re looking for marketing support, print services, mail services, or wholesale printing. Contact us to request a quote today!

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How Can Direct Mail Help Your Business?

How Can Direct Mail Help Your Business?

Advertising is important for any business, and there are a plethora of different methods business owners can use for advertising. While they all have their own pros and cons, direct mail marketing is extremely effective at getting new customers and improving your return on investment.

But how do you best utilize this type of marketing? And where can you find a business that can help you with all this mailing? Read on to find out everything you need to know about direct mail services!

What Are Direct Mail Services?

Basically, direct mail is the idea of sending flyers, pamphlets, or other advertisements through the mail. Usually, this is done in bulk, targeting people in particular cities or neighborhoods.

Businesses often use direct mail to advertise to new customers in their area. They also try to promote new deals that will bring people to their stores. They’ll often hire a mail service company to do bulk deliveries of direct mail and get their advertisements out to as many people as possible.

You can hire direct mail delivery services through your local post office, but that’s often not very cost-effective or efficient. The US Postal Service is losing billions of dollars annually and is cutting services and raising costs to try to slow down some of that loss. So, where does that leave your business?

Thankfully, you can hire a private delivery service to help with all your bulk mail and delivery services. Even better, companies like Modern Mail can do all your printing of your flyers and advertisements, as well as deliver them wherever you need. It’s important to find a direct mail marketing service that works for your company’s needs!

How Can Direct Mail Help Your Business?

Surveys show that direct mail is a very effective marketing strategy for businesses. Although many people go with emails or online ads, studies have shown that people are often more likely to look at and buy from physical flyers and ads.

You can send coupons for people to bring into your store, or advertise deals and specials that new customers can take advantage of. You can even do something as simple as advertising the fact that you’re opening a new business in the area. Or if you’ve already been there a while, just let people know that you’re offering products and services they can’t live without, like dentistry, used cars, or anything else!

Marketing is a very important part of operating any business, and direct mail is a vital part of that marketing. You should use many different types of marketing to help your business, so don’t be afraid to try old-fashioned physical mail!

Let Modern Mail Help With All Your Mailing Needs!

Direct mail advertising can be quite useful for your business, and many companies have found great success with this strategy. Even in the days of the Internet, physical mail still holds strong!

So if you’d like to learn more about hiring a direct mailing service, or you’re interested in learning more about other marketing and printing offerings, contact us! We’d be happy to help you with your printing and mailing needs in any way we can.

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5 Great Postcard Copywriting Tips to Engage Your Prospects

It’s said that the average U.S. home receives 454 pieces of marketing in the mail per year. With so many pieces of paper vying for people’s attention, it’s important that your company’s postcard copywriting techniques stand out.

copywriting tips for postcard marketing

When done well, postcard marketing is successful and cost-efficient. But how do you succeed at direct mail marketing?

Here are five copywriting tips to help take your postcard marketing to the next level.

1. Decide the Action Your Postcard Should Inspire

Before you can decide the copywriting for postcards, think about what you want the potential customer to do after reading it. Do you want them to visit your website? Make a purchase? Tell others about your company?

Deciding what type of action you want people to take after receiving the postcard will help you figure out exactly what information and message you want on your postcard.

2. Capture Attention with a Catchy Headline

Many people will stop reading a postcard after the headline if it doesn’t keep them interested.

To ensure potential customers want to keep reading, come up with a headline that catches their attention. Popular ways of doing this include forming the headline as a question or making the headline into a simple statistic.

Get creative with your postcard’s headline to create interest.

3. Explain the Benefits Clearly and Concisely

Instead of going into detail about your company and all that you do, dedicate the postcard copy to telling people what you can offer them and why they want it.

A postcard is a great marketing tool because it doesn’t need to be opened, but it also contains very limited space. Keep your message short and simple.

4. Make Them an Exciting Offer

This is why people will keep your postcard on hand. Whether it’s a coupon code that can be used or a promised freebie, let potential customers know what you’re able to give them and explain how they can receive it.

It’s important to make them an offer they can’t resist. If you’re not sure what type of offer to make, do some research of your competition to see what kinds of things they’re offering their customers to give you ideas.

5. Leave Them with a Call to Action

You want people to read your postcard and feel inspired to take action because they want the deal or promised offer. To do this, your call to action needs to stand out.

Phrasing is important. Use direct, actionable language to encourage readers to take the next steps, such as “Bring this coupon in today” or “Use the code now for 20% off.”

Turn These Copywriting Tips into Successful Postcard Marketing

Great copywriting is the key to a successful marketing campaign. If you’ve read these copywriting tips and still think you could use some advice, Modern Mail is here to help.

We’re able to do it all, from a large array of printing services to designing direct mail marketing campaigns. Direct Mail will help you grow your business and offer help each step of the way.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to have your questions answered.

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Your Guide to the Most Popular Printing Services

Your Guide to the Most Popular Printing Services

Market researchers expect the global online printing industry to reach $35.70 billion by 2028. Smart businesses that have realized the power of direct mail marketing.

With the help of online printing services, people can now order various products from the comfort of their offices.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about not being artistic enough. The best companies have a wide range of templates from which you can choose.

When picking a printing service, you must be careful about the quality of products. Here is a guide to the best online printing services.

1. Vistaprint Printing Service

Vistaprint tops the list because it offers the most efficient process which enables customers to design any product. What attracts consumers the most is the affordable rates.

Besides, Vistaprint has a wide range of products and offers free sample kits. The service also guides you on selecting artwork even though you have premade templates.

However, you can’t order products from them in a hurry because they take at least three days to ship. Besides, they have limited free shipping options.

2. Moo Printing Services

If you are looking for quality printing companies near me, then look no further. Despite being more expensive than most companies, Moo offers the best business cards.

Moo ensures that customers get value for their money by providing a sleek professional look. Further, the service offers free samples so that you know what to expect before committing to them.

Given the quality of the products, Moo doesn’t offer free shipping.

3. CanvasPop Printing Service

If your prints include more images than text, the CanvasPop online printing service would be ideal for you. They focus more on canvas and framed prints as opposed to any photo print products.

Also, they take time to handcraft their canvas prints. Therefore, they guarantee quality and distinct products.

If you order products from CanvasPop, the service assigns you a personal designer for your products. This ensures each custom piece is to your liking.

Moreover, CanvasPop guarantees a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the products.

4. Minted Online Printing Service

If your main focus is making occasion cards, then the Minted online printing service is ideal for you. The company has many independent artists that are committed to coming up with unique designs. It started as a platform to help artists share their designs and collect funds.

Aside from making prints, Minted offers electronic invites with customizable URLs. Besides, you can get their products at very affordable rates.

However, the service has few customization options, and you can only personalize their cards to an extent.

The Best Online Printing Services

The online printing services listed above are the best in the industry. They offer affordable and quality products. When looking for an online printing service, you must think about what is best for your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for professional business cards or artsy prints. The above printing services will offer the best quality.

Choose to work with a company that understands the urgency of direct mail marketing services. Feel free to contact us for any help with online printing services.


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Mail Matters: How Do I Get Direct Mail Leads?

Mail Matters: How Do I Get Direct Mail Leads?

Did you know that 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them? Direct mail is a great way for your business to get in front of prospective customers and see results.

But who do you send your promotional mail to and how do you convert them into leads? Continue reading to discover how you can start your campaigns and get more direct mail leads.

Direct Mail Strategy

There are two different strategies when it comes to direct mail marketing; saturation mailing and targeted mailing. Saturation mailing is sent to a group of people within a large segment.

Usually, this segment is based on geography. For example, a brick-and-mortar local supermarket could use the saturation mailing strategy to send out coupons within 5 miles of their store, regardless of demographics.

Targeted mailing, on the other hand, is when you refine your message to speak to a specific audience based on their interests and needs. For example, a college university could send direct mail to high school seniors and promote different majors based on the student’s interests.

Knowing your buyer and segmenting your audiences will help you determine which strategy is best for you and your business.

Audience Segments

Direct mail advertising is still known to be a successful tool to gain new customers. The most successful direct mail campaigns occur when companies know their buyer. Use your historical purchase data to understand your audience(s). Here are a few different segments you can use to create your target markets.

  • Geographic – physical location
  • Demographic – age, ethnicity, occupation, educational level, and gender
  • Behavioral – buying habits and interests

Segmentation will not only help you save money in the long run, but it will also increase the probability that you’ll see results.

Choose the Right Format and Style

The design of the mailer matters. While understanding your buyer, you always need to be sure your mailer is eye-catching. You can choose between brochures, business cards, direct mail postcards, catalogs, flyers, banners, and much more.

Each format communicates something different to the consumer so you want to be sure you have the right format for your business. For example, brochures can give lots of information about your company while a business card is very direct and to the point.

Be sure to also think about colors and layout so your mailer is easily digestible to the customer.

Messaging and CTA

Once you have your prospect’s attention, you want to be sure you give them the right information and a call-to-action (CTA). Start with your original goal for sending the mailer. Do you want them to contact you, use a coupon, or register for a mailing list?

Keep the messaging concise and digestible. Be sure to make the call-to-action noticeable and informative. Make it clear to your visitors where they will be going and what they can expect to find when they get there. Remember that once they take action, you’ve got your lead!

Direct Mail Leads

Now that you know who your buyers are, which format and style mailer you’re using, and what action you’d like your prospects to take, you’re ready to send your mailer! Following this outline will help you save money, target the right audience, and get more direct mail leads.

For more information on direct mail advertising, contact Modern Mail today!

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The Best Print Ad Campaigns of 2020 and 2021

The best thing you can do for your business is to make your marketing campaign stand out.

So how can you do that? It may be worth looking into direct mail marketing, a form of print advertisement. In a world over-saturated with digital ads, what’s a better way to stand out than to create print ad campaigns?

Whether your target market is B2C or B2B, using this strategy can help enormously. You might protest, “But customers get so much mail every day! How can we make sure our campaign catches their attention?”

print ad campaigns

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Continue reading for three of the best print ads of 2020 and 2021 that exemplify what a clever ad campaign looks like.

Three Stunning Print Ad Campaigns

So what makes a great print advertisement? The short answer is creativity. The slightly longer answer is personalized content that the consumer relates to in some way.

It comes as no surprise that some of the most successful print ads were created by companies with robust marketing departments, like Nestle, Nike, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). How can your business emulate their example? Read on to find out.

Nestle: Chunky Mail

This clever mailer by Nestle earned its spot as one of the award-winning print ads named by Design and Art Direction (D&AD).

Nestle created a personalized mailer for each targeted consumer. The mailer resembled a “Failure to Deliver” slip, citing the fact that that package was too “chunky” to fit in the mailbox. This was a clever play on words since the campaign was meant to advertise the Kit Kat Chunky!

The personalization and creativity of this ad couldn’t have worked better. The Kit Kat Chunky flew off the shelves, and Nestle enjoyed a hefty ROI from this clever campaign.

Nike: Stadium Shoe Box

Nike also employed a targeted marketing campaign. By targeting a select few customers, they were able to send limited edition shoeboxes to recipients. Each shoebox, when opened, resembled a stadium and even included sound chips emitting the sound of a cheering crowd.

The campaign was meant to encourage kids’ involvement in soccer, and it worked. The product, soccer shoes, saw a huge increase in sales.

WWF Earth Hour: Candle Box

WWF celebrated Earth Hour with an incredibly creative direct mail campaign. Their marketing department created black boxes (resembling buildings) encasing yellow candles. They strategically sent these mailers to CEOs of large businesses, encouraging them to turn off their lights for Earth Hour.

The campaign was wildly successful and resulted in a 260% increase in industry support for Earth Hour.

Creating Your Own Direct Mail Campaigns

If you’re looking to create print ad campaigns just as eye-catching as the ones we’ve just discussed, look no further. Modern Mail is happy to partner with your business to create the best advertisements possible.

When creating your print advertisements, don’t forget to implement the concepts Nestle, Nike, and WWF’s marketing teams used. A creative concept paired with a great distribution channel, like direct mail, can work wonders for your business. Check out Modern Mail’s direct mail marketing services to get started creating your own direct mail campaigns.

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Considerations When Partnering With a Full Service Commercial Printing Company

Direct mail is more personal than digital interactions, according to 70% of consumers in America.

That’s why the top brands are still using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing despite the popularity of online marketing. Your business, too, can benefit from adopting this strategy. All you need is to partner with the best commercial printing company.

This company will print bulk mail that you’ll use to promote your business. With so many companies offering these services, it is a hassle to identify the best one. You fear picking a terrible company that overcharges you and delivers inferior services.

Here, are the considerations when partnering with a full-service commercial printing company.

Scope of Services

When evaluating different commercial printing companies check the scope of services they offer. The idea is to check the value you’ll get from these services. The objective is to find a full-service company that’ll handle all the direct mailing work.

This company will print, fold and deliver the mail piece to its appropriate postal destinations. When you partner with our company, you can delegate all the direct mailing work to us. So you’ll free up time to attend to your other business functions, thereby promoting growth.

Communication Channels

Most of the direct mail marketing companies in Tampa lack the necessary communication channels. These companies are slow to respond to clients’ issues. Also, they struggle to update clients on the latest developments.

You can overcome all these struggles by dealing with our Tampa direct mail marketing company. Our firm understands that effective communication is a key pillar in all partnerships. We have a highly responsive support team that’ll respond to all your queries.

Our company strives to keep all our clients up to date on what’s happening. Through timely sharing of information, we understand your needs and strive to fulfill them.

Costs for the Services

It’ll be costly for your small business to purchase machines for bulk printing the direct mail marketing materials. That’s why you should choose to contact the best commercial printing company. You should request quotes from various companies in this industry to determine the best one.

To enjoy competitive rates, choose our commercial printing company in Tampa. We strive to offer affordable rates to businesses looking to take advantage of direct mail marketing. For the cost you incur, we’ll assure you of reliable bulk printing and direct mail services.

Take Advantage of Direct Mail Marketing By Choosing Our Commercial Printing Company

Print marketing helps build business credibility by inspiring trust in potential consumers. That’s why you should look for ways you can utilize direct mail marketing. It is, however, expensive for your business to get modern bulk printing machines.

To save money and get reliable services, reach out to our commercial printing company. We have a great in-house team that handles all the bulk printing work. Our target is to deliver excellent services that increase your brand awareness and boost sales.

Contact us today for all your commercial printing and direct mail needs.

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