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Why Print Mail is Still Relevant in a Digital World

Why Print Mail is Still Relevant in a Digital World

There is no denying we live in a digital world. It is hard to escape the constant onslaught of technology, from our phones to computers to TVs. But, with so much emphasis placed on the digital age, you might wonder if print mail is still relevant in today’s digital world.

The answer is yes! Print mail may not be as prevalent as it once was, but it still has a place in today’s world – and there are plenty of benefits to using it over digital marketing. Let’s take a look at a few of those benefits now.

Print mail is more personal.

When you send someone a piece of print mail, it feels more personal than an email or other digital communication. The recipient can hold the mail in their hands, making it feel more special and important.

Print mail is more likely to be noticed.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with emails and other digital communications, print mail stands out. Think about it: how many times have you skipped an email or ignored an ad on a website? The fact is, print is more likely to be noticed and, as a result, more likely to be read.

Print mail is more trustworthy.

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with fake news and other information that can be difficult to trust. Print mail feels more trustworthy because it is a physical piece of paper that we can hold in our hands.

What kind of print mail is right for you?

Now that you know the benefits of print mail over digital marketing, you might wonder what kind of print mail is right for you. There are a few options, and the best choice will depend on your specific needs and goals.

Direct mail

Direct mail is a type of print mail that is sent directly to potential customers. It is an effective way to reach many people with your marketing message.


Postcards are another type of print mail that can be used for marketing purposes. They are often less expensive than other types of print mail, making them an excellent option for small businesses or businesses on a tight budget.

Brochures + Catalogs

Brochures and catalogs are great ways to showcase or provide potential customers with more information about your product or service. They are usually more expensive than other types of print mail, but they can be worth the investment if you want to reach many potential customers.

If you want to make your marketing more effective, add print mail to your marketing mix. Print mail is still highly relevant in today’s digital world and can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Modern Mail & Print Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your direct mail marketing and printing needs. For more than 40 years, our family-owned and operated mail company has been providing expert professional services to businesses in Hillsborough and Pinellas County and the Greater Tampa Bay area. We can help you select the print options that best suit your needs. Call us today!

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3 Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

3 Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to reach potential customers. It’s also a great way to build brand awareness and generate leads. Here are 5 direct mail marketing ideas that will help you grow your business.

#1 Create an Eye-Catching Piece

A well-designed piece of direct mail can make a big impact on your prospects. Make sure your design is eye-catching and attention grabbing. You should use bright colors and bold fonts to grab the reader’s attention.

The first thing you should consider when creating a direct mail piece is what type of message you want to convey. You’ll want to choose something that will catch the attention of your audience. For example, if you’re trying to sell a product, you might use a picture of the item. If you’re selling services, you could include a coupon or offer. Whatever you decide to send, be sure to keep your message short and sweet.

The first thing you should know about direct mail marketing is that it works best if you use a mailing service that specializes in direct mail marketing. You’ll want to find one that offers high quality printing and design services at affordable prices.

#2 Include a Call-to-Action

One of the most common mistakes with direct mail is not having a call to action. This means that the recipient has no idea what to do next after reading the letter. If you’re sending out a newsletter, include an opt-in form at the bottom so people can sign up for more information.

The first thing you should include in your direct mail campaign is a call to action. You want to get your recipients to take some kind of action. For example, if you’re sending out a newsletter, you could ask them to sign up for your email list. If you’re sending out postcards, you might ask them to visit your website. Whatever you choose, make sure that you include a clear call to action.

If you’re sending out postcards, you could offer a discount code or coupon. Whatever you choose, make sure that your call to action is clear and easy to understand.

#3 Focus on a Specific Audience

You should focus on a specific audience when creating your direct mail campaign. For example, if you’re targeting women who live in a certain area, then you should send them letters that address issues relevant to women in that area.

When it comes to direct mail marketing, there are two main types of campaigns: those that focus on one specific audience and those that aim at a broad group of consumers. The first type of campaign is usually more expensive because it requires a lot of research into the demographics of your target market. However, if you’re able to narrow down your audience, you’ll be able to create a much better message that resonates with them.

The first step to successful direct mail marketing is to identify your audience. You want to focus on a specific group of customers who share similar interests and needs. For example, if you’re selling health products, you might choose to send a mailing to women who are pregnant or nursing. If you sell home improvement supplies, you could target homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens. Once you’ve identified your audience, you’ll be able to create a targeted message that appeals to them.

Let’s Get Started on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals are ready to work with you on your next direct mail marketing campaign. Give us a call today!

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Why You Need To Learn About Variable Data Printing

Why You Need To Learn About Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing allows you to add custom text, images, logos, and even videos to your printed materials. It’s an easy way to personalize your marketing materials without having to pay for expensive customization options.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing (VDP) is a type of print production where each piece of paper has its own unique design. This means that every copy of a document looks different than any other. VDP is also known as variable data printing because the design changes based on the data entered into the machine.

The process of variable data printing involves using a computer to print customized information onto paper. You can use this technology to create unique labels, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, and other marketing materials. With VDP, you can customize your printed material with different fonts, colors, graphics, and text. In addition, you can use this method to create personalized products such as mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, and coasters.

The Benefits of VDP

There are several benefits to using VDP. It allows businesses to personalize their materials without having to pay extra for custom designs. It saves money by reducing the number of copies needed. And it helps companies stand out from competitors who use standard templates.

In addition to being cost-effective, variable data printing offers many other benefits. For example, it helps you save paper and ink because you’re able to print multiple copies of the same document using different fonts, colors, and sizes.

Using VDP allows you to create direct mail campaigns that are more personalized to your target audience. Each direct mail piece looks and feels as if it was desgined specifically for the recipient and helps your business build a connection to the recipient and increases the likelihood that the recipient may become a customer.

Designing for VDP

With variable data printing, you can choose from hundreds of fonts, colors, sizes, and layouts. It also allows you to add custom graphics, logos, and photos. And because it’s so customizable, you can use it to make your own unique designs.

The process of variable data printing (VDP) involves using a computer program to create a digital file that contains all of the information needed to print a specific design onto a piece of paper. Once the file has been created, it is sent to a printer where it is converted into a physical object.

The best thing about variable data printing (VDP) is that it gives you complete control over what goes into each piece of print. You can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, sizes, and layouts. And if you want to change something later, you can easily update your files.

Let’s Get Started on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals are ready to work with you on your next direct mail marketing campaign. Give us a call today!

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Postcard Marketing 101: How to Make Your Postcards Stand Out

Did you know that over forty-two percent of direct mail recipients at least scan the contents of the mail they receive?

postcard marketing tips

If you aren’t investing in a mail marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales. While email recipients can set up filters or send your messages to spam, physical mailings are a great way to get your message directly in the hands of your customers.

Postcard marketing in particular can take your direct mail strategy to the next level. But how can you be sure that your postcards are actually being read by the recipients?

Keep reading to learn some postcard design tips and other ways to make your postcards stand out.

Decide on Your Message

Because postcards have limited space, you need to get right to the point with your message. What do you want your customer to do after reading your postcard?

If you’re running a deal or special, make that the entire focus of your copy. If you’ve changed locations or updated your web presence, talk only about that.

Try to highlight more than one thing, and you run the risk of none of your messages getting across.

Make It Personal

If your customer thinks they’re getting the same exact postcard as everyone else in their city, they’re less likely to take action than if they think the postcard was crafted especially for them.

Use your customer relationship management software to track people’s names, places of business, and other relevant information. Insert these details into your variable data postcards. You can also use personalized URLs to provide each of your customers with a unique offer code.

People also love seeing other real people on their postcards. For example, when including a customer testimonial on a postcard, consider including their picture as well. This helps your other customers see them as a real person they can relate to.

Even including a picture of your CEO or your staff on the postcard shows mail recipients that your brand is powered by people just like them.

Use Design Intentionally

All the well-crafted messaging in the world will mean nothing if it isn’t presented in an attention-grabbing package. The beauty of a postcard is that it is so visual, so use design elements to your advantage.

Make the header and your call to action stand out with large or bold text. Use no more than a couple of different font styles to avoid overwhelming your customers with visual information. Leave white or blank space where you can, and use images that evoke a strong feeling in your customer.

Postcard Marketing Made Easy

When you keep your customer experience in mind while designing your postcard marketing campaign, it’s hard to go wrong. Focus your message, make it personal, and use graphic design to your advantage, and you’re sure to see the returns from your postcard advertising that you need!

Looking for more support with your advertising? Modern Mail & Print Solutions has the expertise and resources you need from a partner, whether you’re looking for marketing support, print services, mail services, or wholesale printing. Contact us to request a quote today!

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Direct Mail Marketing: The Role of Data Management

Did you know that direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel? Direct mail is known to be one of the most effective marketing tools out there, but is it right for your business?

data analysis for campaign results

One way to know is to analyze the data. With any marketing campaign, you should be aware of the statistics you’re collecting and how to analyze them for future campaigns.

Continue reading to learn all about direct mail data management and how it can help your business grow!

What Is Data Management?

Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively to align with your business goals. These analytics can optimize your business initiatives to help increase your bottom line ie: sales, leads, etc.

Like many marketing channels, you’ll need data to showcase why you should continue to spend money on ad campaigns, including direct mail.

Collecting Data

In direct mail, there are a few different data points you’ll need to collect in order to be successful. This information can help you understand your customer and/or decide which assets are working best.

Target Audience

The first rule in any marketing campaign is to know your audience. One way to figure this out is to look at past purchases to see who your buyers are. Once you understand that, you can segment your buyers into different target audiences to get the most bang for your buck.

For example, you wouldn’t speak to a 65-year-old woman the same way you would speak to a 25-year-old man. If you send them the same message, you could be wasting your time, effort, and money. Once you’re able to collect this information, you can then target your messaging to relate to those specific groups which will likely increase your return on investment (ROI).

Conversion Rates

Once you start sending out your campaigns to your target audiences, you’ll have to find a way to track if they’re interested in your product and/or services. One way to do this is with your call-to-action or CTA.

Some examples of good, trackable CTA’s are coupon codes, QR codes, email registration links, downloadable links to e-books, and more. These CTA’s will help you track who is taking action from your direct mail campaigns. That data will then help you calculate your conversion rate so you know if your campaigns are actually working.

A/B Testing

Another great way to collect data is through testing. When you first start a new campaign, it’s hard to know what will work and what won’t. Try experimenting with split tests.

Split tests, or A/B testing, is a way to find out which messaging or graphics are working best for your segmented audiences. For example, you could test brochures vs. flyers, or two different CTA’s, to the same target audience to see which has a better conversion rate.


There is no point in collecting data if you’re not going to analyze it. Analyzing data can help you see which messages need to be tweaked, which audiences are the most likely to buy, and much more. Analyze your data to help improve your marketing efforts.

Direct Mail Data Management

Now that you know which data to collect, it’s time to start your direct mail campaigns! For more information on which direct mail services are right for you, contact Modern Mail today!

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5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Better Than Email Marketing

We live in a highly digital world, where social media reigns supreme and people are tied to their mobile devices more than ever. So would you believe that physical mail is one of the best forms of marketing right now?

Believe it.

direct mail vs email

Studies show that 41% of people in the United States are eager to check the mail each day. In fact, direct mail is better than e-mail in a lot of different ways.

Keep reading so that you can learn about the benefits of direct mail marketing, and why you should prioritize it over e-mail.

1. Direct Mail Gets Better Engagement

Engagement is the name of the game for any form of marketing that you look into.

This is one of the greatest benefits of direct mail since it gets better engagement than e-mail marketing. You can easily hit delete on an e-mail, but people interact with direct mail with more engagement since it’s a physical object.

You’ll love the engagement that you get when you also find ways to leverage it with your marketing campaigns.

2. People Value Tangible Keepsakes

Many people are choosing to go minimalist and decrease clutter in their lives right now – e-mail included. Throwing away something physical requires more of a decision.

In fact, in this day and age, people appreciate tangible keepsakes over digital communication. This gives direct mail more longevity since you can send out mailings that people can see every day, reminding them of your brand.

3. It Gives a More Personal Feel

Direct mail gets sent directly to your recipients’ homes — it doesn’t get more personal than that. This personal feel can reap huge rewards for you and build brand equity with your customers.

The trust that you build with direct marketing will keep paying off for the long term. Direct mail services companies will work to personalize every piece of e-mail so that you can build on this benefit.

4. You Don’t Need People to Opt-In

Direct mail is more likely to hit its target because there’s never a need for people to opt-in. As long as you have their mailing address, you can count on your mail hitting the mark.

This is one less barrier of entry that you need to worry about with this form of marketing.

5. Direct Mail Weeds Out the Competition

Finally, you’ll appreciate the fact that there’s far less competition right now with direct mail. Everyone is fighting for digital real estate at the moment, which opens the door for more opportunity with physical mail.

When there’s less noise to contend with, you’re far more likely to get the results that you’re looking for.

Embrace the Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

These benefits of direct mail marketing will carry you far when you’re trying to enhance the reach of your brand and business. Now that you know more about email vs direct mail, it’s time to find the help of a company that can assist you.

Modern Mail & Print Solutions can help you out with whatever you need. Take time out to contact us on our website, or pick up the phone and dial 1(888)430-6245.

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How to Choose the Right Direct Mail Marketing Service for You

Direct mail marketing is an investment with a high ROI. Advertisers spend an average of $167 per potential customer and earn back $2,095 worth of purchases.

This method is one of the best ways to reach your customers because it’s more personalized. You’ll have 5-9 times higher response rates, 90% open rates, and 42% read rates.

Creating these campaigns is difficult without the right company to help you, so read on to learn how to find the best direct mail marketing service.

Reputation and Reputability

Get a clear sense of a direct mail company’s reputation before you even think of hiring them. Find examples of their past campaigns, ask for references, and look at reviews.


There are several services you should look for from a direct mail marketing agency. They include in-house printing and designers and campaign tracking.

Printing and design are more about how your campaigns look, but finding out how successful they are is just as important.

76% of marketers fail to use behavioral data to guide their campaigns. This leaves them in the dark about whether their efforts are successful or if changes need to be made.

The company you choose should have everything you need for your campaign in one place, provide their services quickly, and always be ready to offer support and direct mail marketing tips.

Mailing List

70% of consumers find direct mail more personal than interacting online. This is a useful trend to take advantage of because it makes them feel more connected to and eager to buy from your brand.

The problem is that you can’t personalize your campaigns if you don’t know who or where your potential customers are. This is why direct mail marketing services should present you with a custom mailing list.  It should be catered to your campaign and full of leads in your area.

Find out how often the company updates its lists and check all the addresses it includes with the Post Office CASS and the NCOA or National Change of Address records.


Hiring a direct mail marketing service saves you money on postage because you can take advantage of their lower rates. Make sure the company you’ve chosen can give you these discounts.

There are other ways to save money using direct mail as well. Ask about any discounts on bulk orders, specific mail classes, or drop shipping.

There are also hidden costs to look out for. Get an itemized list of everything you’re paying for to ensure you’re not overcharged and save time during the bookkeeping process.

Working With the Best Direct Mail Marketing Service

A direct mail marketing service helps you take advantage of the benefits of direct mail, including personalization and higher response rates. This impact will only increase if you take the time to find the right one.

Look at their reputation, the services they offer, how they develop mailing lists, and how much they cost. These factors determine whether or not they can create an effective direct mail marketing campaign for you.

Modern Mail & Print Solutions is a direct mail marketing company with experience and proven results. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

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Digital vs Offset Printing With Modern Mail: Why Choose Offset?

Are you considering digital vs offset printing for your next order? The global commercial print market is valued at more than 411 billion dollars in 2020.

There’s a lot of printing to choose from. Making decisions is easier when you trust the business you are working with.

Are you looking for a direct mail service that will treat you like a partner?

Digital vs Offset Printing, What’s The Difference?

Digital printing uses toner or liquid inks to get the job done. It doesn’t use plates to transfer the ink onto the paper.

When you choose an offset printing press, your print job is made into a plate.  The ink is transferred from the plate onto a rubber sheet.  Then the rubber sheet is used to roll the ink onto your printing surface.

Size Matters

When you’re looking at large print runs, offset printing is a great option.  The more you print, the cheaper it gets. Even though the initial setup costs are higher, the larger run makes the cost worth it.

Digital printing is ideal for smaller runs because the setup costs are lower.

Let’s Get Personal With Digital Printing

Variable data jobs allow you to make a change on each piece you print.  That little change allows you to customize each piece with someone’s name or other personal information.

This option is available when you use digital printing.  It makes each piece unique, and it’s a great marketing tool. It can be used on labels or postcards, letters, or other documents.

Background images can be changed, or you can use different artwork for customers in different locations.

The Pros of Choosing Offset Printing

One of the main benefits of offset printing comes into play when you’re printing larger print runs.

It’s a more cost-effective way to go.  The more you print, the cheaper it gets when you’re looking at the cost per item.

When you’re using specialty colors and inks, offset printing machines are the best choice. It allows you more creativity as metallic and custom inks are available for use.

You can choose to print on larger sheets of paper when you’re using offset printing. Special papers or papers with a custom finish can be used as well.

Offset printing is generally considered to create a higher quality product.

Digital Printing Advantages

Sometimes you only have a small printing job. When you’re considering offset vs digital printing, it’s good to consider setup costs.

Digital printing is a good choice for small runs because the setup costs are lower. It’s great for variable data jobs.  The software can accommodate different addresses on each piece. That allows you to personalize each piece.

When you’re going with black and white, digital printing is the cheaper alternative.

This Business Partnership Will Support You

At Modern Mail, we are committed to helping your business grow.  Our professional staff is ready to fulfill all of your direct mail needs.

Bring us your ideas, and we will work with you to decide between digital vs offset printing. We will work within your budget while focusing on providing a quality solution for your business.

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What to Look For When Choosing Direct Mail Solutions

When it comes to marketing, it can feel like it’s so easy to go wrong. If your customers aren’t aware of you, they can’t buy from you. But how can you make sure they know who you are?

If your marketing efforts aren’t working well, consider direct mail printing. With the right direct mail solutions, you reach new customers and build awareness.

In this era of digital saturation, you can reach them using printed mail campaigns. Working with a direct mail company can give you an advantage over your competitors.

Wondering what you should know before sending a direct mail campaign? Keep reading to find out what you need to be aware of when it comes to direct mailing services.

Printing Options

You’ll want to make sure the direct mail company you’re working with has experience. They’ll need to be reliable. Ask to see direct mail examples from past campaigns.

Check the quality of the mailings. Many direct mail companies will offer design and high-quality printing services in-house.

Print materials create connections with potential customers. Your customers will appreciate the high-quality, personalized materials they receive from you.

Mailing List Quality

Check how targeted your mailing company is when it comes to its audience. You’ll want to make sure your mailings are arriving at the right doorsteps. That way you can build up positive associations with your brand.

Direct mail is an affordable way to raise awareness of your company. You can also use it to foster new connections and build up leads. But you’ll want to make sure the quality is acceptable as this is your chance to reach your new customers.

Ask the mailing company if they CASS certify their data. Run by the Post Office CASS certifications ensure the addresses are accurate.

Ask them how often they update their address lists. They should cross-check with the National Change of Address records. A reputable company with check their mailing lists against the NCOA regularly.

Speed and Tracking

Check with the company about how they plan to track the success of your direct mailing campaign. They may offer mail tracking options for you as well as other analytics.

You’ll also want to consider their timelines. When you’re choosing a company, look for one that works quickly.

It may be good to work with a company that offers its own printing services. In-house printing means they can rapidly produce high-quality mailings for you.

Choose the Right Direct Mail Solutions for Your Business

When you opt for direct mail solutions, you have the chance to win over new customers. Now you know a few of the things to be aware of before you choose which company you’d like to work with.

By keeping track of their quality and ways of working, you’ll be sure your direct mail campaign is a success.

Are you interested in learning more about how direct mail can benefit your business? At Modern Mail, we have years of experience partnering with businesses. Get in touch with us; we look forward to hearing from you!

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What to Know Before Buying a List for Direct Mail Marketing

Did you know that there are lists of people specifically for direct mail marketing? If you’re looking to buy a marketing list, it’s important to do your research before purchasing one. It might seem convenient in the short term but could end up costing you more money and time in the long-run if not done right. This post will cover what to look out for when researching these list providers, so you don’t waste your money when you purchase a list for direct mail marketing.

  1. What is a direct mail marketing list?

All successful direct mail marketing campaigns start with a good targeted marking list.  Mailing lists for direct mail marketing campaigns are typically compiled databases of names, addresses and phone numbers compiled by List brokers based off characteristics of the consumer.  They can be determined by age, incomes, home value and many more demographic characteristics.  All these factors will help you end up with a high-quality distribution list which is key for the success of your campaign.

  1. Why buy a direct mail marketing list, and what are the advantages?

By purchasing targeted mailing lists, you help narrow down the universe you are sending to while increasing your chances of getting a higher response.  It’s the best way of targeting the type of prospects you want to do work with in the geographic areas you want to work in.

  1. How to choose a reputable company for your direct mail marketing list?

There are hundreds of companies out there that sell lists for direct mail marketing. How do you know which one to choose? We recommend you should find out how far back they do their National Change of Address (NCOA) of the mailing list and how frequently they update those records.  You don’t want to mail to outdated lists or those that don’t provide a CASS or NCOA on a purchase list.  When you are purchasing a demographic list, you’ll want to ask if they offer a guarantee on the accuracy of the list.  Working through your printing company to get a preferred list of vendors for marketing lists is another good way to ensure you are working with a refutable list company.

  1. What you should know before buying a direct mail marketing list

If unfamiliar with purchasing mailing lists, you will want to make sure you are asking the right questions before buying.  First, you’ll want to make sure you are getting what you are wanting…residential vs commercial;  Carrier route vs demographic…all very different lists with different costs associated.  Then you’ll want to make sure you find out if you are just renting the list for single usage or if you get the opportunity to use the list multiple times, as both types come with different costs and limitations.  You want to know how long the NCOA and CASS are good for or you could end up sending to an out dated list that won’t be as affective.  Asking the right questions can help you determine if you’ll be reaching the right audience for your direct mail marketing campaign.

  1. The benefits of purchasing a direct mail marketing list in your marketing efforts.

Purchasing a new targeted list gives you the opportunity to target new potential prospects and grow your businesses.  More importantly it allows you to target an audience you want to do business with in areas you are trying to attract new customers.

  1. Avoid this when buying or using a purchased direct mail marketing list.

When you don’t have a good direct mail list, your campaign can fail before it even starts and costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Make sure any list you purchase is updated and certified.  Avoid any lists or vendors that will not CASS Certify the data they are selling you or provide you with an updated NCOA report.

For more information on marketing with print, pricing, or for help setting up campaigns, we would love to help. Also, if you’re a smaller printing shop looking to sub out some of your existing workloads, we can help with that too.

Whatever your printing or marketing needs are, contact us today. We’re standing by to bring your marketing to life!

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