5 Reasons Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work

With email newsletters and online discount codes prevalent, you may think that traditional mailed business campaigns and promotions are a thing of the past.

The truth its, direct mail campaigns have a profound impact on customers new and old, and they can give you plenty of benefits when it comes to promoting your business.

Read on to discover five reasons these campaigns still work, and why you should keep using them for success.

1. Direct Mail Partners Well with Digital

If you have a strong online presence, you can use direct mail campaigns to promote awareness. Include your Facebook page information on your direct mailing, and feature a few discount codes as well. You can easily integrate the printed campaigns with your digital presence to reemphasize what you have to offer.

2. Direct Mail Campaigns are Personal

Getting something in the mail addressed with a real name will always feel more personal than a standard, broad email. When you send out mail to your customers, include a photo of yourself or your staff along with a friendly message.

When customers get this mail, it entices them to visit your business in a more organic and friendly way. Use the ability to send mail to your advantage by making each printing something with a personal touch.

3. It’s Tangible

A random email can easily be deleted, but direct mail is something customers can feel in their hand. Include a coupon with your campaign to encourage your customers to make a purchase. When people have something they can hold and look at, it creates a psychological trigger for them to find out more or pay your store a visit.

4. It Increases Your Brand Awareness

Use direct mail campaigns to really tell your audience who you are as a company. Print colorful graphics and bold logos that explain who you are and what you’re offering. Direct mail should be clear and concise with enough information to tell the customer who you are at first glance.

5. Make it Memorable

The goal of any direct mail campaign is to create something your customers will remember. Use your mailings wisely and send things that are creative and enticing. The use of direct mail gives people something they’ll look at more than once and offers them more insight into what your company has to offer so they don’t forget.

Use Direct Mail to Your Advantage

With so many benefits of direct mail campaigns, it’s easy to see why you should continue to use them. These unique marketing tools offer customers something tangible and they give you an opportunity to create something unique and memorable.

Use your direct mailings to your advantage by including special coupons, social media information, and much more. This creates a marketing campaign that customers will easily remember.

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