3 Tips To Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

In a digital era, it can be easy to think that direct mail and print marketing doesn’t have as much of an impact; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As many as 92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions. However, shoppers will only make those purchasing decisions if you properly optimize direct mail marketing campaigns. Use these tips to make the most of your mailing lists. They will help optimize your direct mail campaigns as much as possible.

this picture represents how to optimize direct mail marketing campaign as a concept.

3 Ways to Optimize Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns:

Remember Your Target Audience

When you’re designing your mail campaign, you’ll want to focus on the target audience. A design meant to be opened by Millennials will look different than one meant for seniors. Make your message and offer specific to your target market.  Consider what types of mail your average customer is getting on a daily basis and keep that in mind when designing. Make sure your mailing list is targeted and hitting the right prospects.  Stay focused on your preferred customers to give your campaign the best possible chance of improving your business.

Use Eye-Catching Design

One of the difficulties of direct mail marketing is it can only be effective if the intended audience opens it. If your customer recognizes it as an advertisement or something they don’t need, they’re not likely to open or ready it. Make your designs eye-catching and unique, specific to your audience with information visible that’s sure to get the attention of your consumers. This will help you stand out against standard letters, bills, and other advertisements that might end up in their mailbox.  Personalizing the direct mail with Variable Data Printing is another way to stay ahead of the competition and standing out in the mail box.

Integrate Online Resources

Utilizing digital technology with your direct mail can be one of the most useful tools available to optimize your campaign.  Leveraging Personalized URL’s, QR codes and Informed Delivery with your mail campaigns provides a coordinated omni-channel experience to enhance your marketing.  This gives customers multiple ways to respond to your offers. Plus, it allows them to respond how they want and when they want to your direct mail piece.  Making things easy and seamless for the prospect is the best way to increase response rates!

Direct mail marketing is still be incredibly effective, even in the new digital era. Making use of these tips will help you optimize your direct mail campaigns to draw in as many new customers as possible. For more information, contact Modern Mail and Print Solutions today.

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