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How To Use and Choose a Direct Mail Fulfillment Service

How To Use and Choose a Direct Mail Fulfillment Service

For business owners, direct mail campaigns can provide mixed results. If your marketing materials end up at the wrong addresses, they end up in the garbage. However, working with the right direct mail fulfillment service can help you keep new customers and bring in more profits.

Let’s explore how direct mail fulfillment works, some statistics about using this time-tested marketing technique and how to find the right service for your business.

What Is a Direct Mail Fulfillment Service?

Direct mail marketing takes many forms. To entice customers to work with their company, a business may send various types of materials through the mail directly to potential customers and people who have signed up to be on their mailing list:

  • Newsletters
  • Postcards with coupons
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Announcements
  • Self-mailers
  • The classic catalog
  • Magazine inserts

A direct mail fulfillment service handles the logistics so business owners don’t have to spend hours addressing envelopes, combing through mailing lists and making trips to the post office. By partnering with a company that provides direct mail fulfillment for businesses, owners can focus on daily operations.

How To Use and Choose the Right Direct Mail Marketing Service

A direct mail fulfillment service makes that happen by addressing your mail correctly, packaging it beautifully and sending it out on-time. Many of these services need your mailing list and marketing materials. You have to go to other vendors to create those.

However, if you want a direct mail marketing service to handle everything and streamline the process, look for one that offers:

That means you only need to approach this kind of company with a goal, budget and some information about your company’s consumer base. They’ll handle the rest and keep you updated.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Worth It?

While marketing today is seemingly dominated by emails and e-commerce, a recent study of 240,000 consumers shows that direct mail marketing isn’t just alive and well — it’s potentially up to five times more lucrative than sending promotional emails alone.

According to the US Small Business Administration, 76% of consumers will discuss mail from a brand they know while 68% will throw away unwanted mail immediately. When handled correctly, direct mail marketing creates organic, valuable word-of-mouth buzz.

Great! Where Can I Find a Company That Does All That?

If you’re looking for a company that handles direct mail marketing from start to finish, Modern Mail & Print Solutions of Florida has the staff and equipment to make it happen.

Need to develop a mailing list based on your most productive customer segments? We can do that. Want a graphic designer to improve or create new direct mail marketing materials? Our staff is ready. There’s no need to go to another vendor.

At the end of it all, we use cutting-edge printing and packaging equipment to put attractive marketing materials in the right hands. Let us show you why some of Tampa’s biggest companies have trusted us for over 40 years with all of their direct mail fulfillment service and marketing needs. Contact us today for small-business customer service and big-business execution.

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These Are the Most Important Benefits of a Direct Mail Service

These Are the Most Important Benefits of a Direct Mail Service

Deciding on and committing to a marketing strategy can send you into a whirlwind of confusion. With social media, email campaigns, print marketing, and many other options, you can feel stuck knowing what tools to use.

However, one marketing strategy can tie many of your other marketing tools together, direct mail marketing.

Read on to learn how a direct mail service can provide your business with benefits to expedite your growth.

Personalized and Targeted Reach

Direct mail services have the power to do something that, often, other marketing tools cannot. Direct mail is personalized and allows you to target your marketing reach.

Using direct mail takes your connection with a customer beyond a screen and directly into their mailbox. Your ad can then be hung on their fridge or saved in their car. This experience is more personal than seeing a Google ad.

Also, with lists of customer information beyond a name and address, you can become more granular in targeting the right people with the right message.

Direct Mail Partners Well with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As earlier mentioned, direct mail can tie many of your marketing strategies together for a better ROI.

Direct mail campaigns partner well with your digital campaign strategy. You can send a postcard ad in the mail with a QR code directing people to your website. Or, upon completion of sending a mailer to your audience, you can follow up with a well-crafted email campaign.

You have many options to utilize both marketing tools and have them work together for your business.

Stand Out Among Your Competition

Your customers’ email inboxes overflow with dozens of emails a day, and they see dozens of ads each day. So, how can you stand out?

Tap into direct mailing services, where you will find less competition for customer attention in the mailbox. You won’t have to worry about your email going to spam when you essentially place personalized marketing material right into the hands of your customers.

Get noticed and create brand recognition by providing inbox marketing that your customers will appreciate.

Save Money and Receive a Great ROI

Recent statistics show customer response rates to direct mail marketing provide a 112% return on investment. With stellar numbers such as this, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to start hearing from your customers.

ROIs for direct mail are comparable to those of digital marketing. However, you can get started with direct mail with a small list and see a quicker return, unlike many digital strategies.

Opt For Direct Mail Service to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing changes regularly, but the value of direct mail marketing is steady. Optimize your marketing strategy and implement a direct mail service to watch your business grow.

Consider how these benefits could impact the growth of your business and the relationship with your customers. The decision should be a no-brainer.

If you have questions about direct mail marketing, reach out to us at Modern Mail. We would be happy to write a quote for you and partner with you grow to grow your business through marketing.

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