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How to Choose the Right Direct Mail Marketing Service for You

Direct mail marketing is an investment with a high ROI. Advertisers spend an average of $167 per potential customer and earn back $2,095 worth of purchases.

This method is one of the best ways to reach your customers because it’s more personalized. You’ll have 5-9 times higher response rates, 90% open rates, and 42% read rates.

Creating these campaigns is difficult without the right company to help you, so read on to learn how to find the best direct mail marketing service.

Reputation and Reputability

Get a clear sense of a direct mail company’s reputation before you even think of hiring them. Find examples of their past campaigns, ask for references, and look at reviews.


There are several services you should look for from a direct mail marketing agency. They include in-house printing and designers and campaign tracking.

Printing and design are more about how your campaigns look, but finding out how successful they are is just as important.

76% of marketers fail to use behavioral data to guide their campaigns. This leaves them in the dark about whether their efforts are successful or if changes need to be made.

The company you choose should have everything you need for your campaign in one place, provide their services quickly, and always be ready to offer support and direct mail marketing tips.

Mailing List

70% of consumers find direct mail more personal than interacting online. This is a useful trend to take advantage of because it makes them feel more connected to and eager to buy from your brand.

The problem is that you can’t personalize your campaigns if you don’t know who or where your potential customers are. This is why direct mail marketing services should present you with a custom mailing list.  It should be catered to your campaign and full of leads in your area.

Find out how often the company updates its lists and check all the addresses it includes with the Post Office CASS and the NCOA or National Change of Address records.


Hiring a direct mail marketing service saves you money on postage because you can take advantage of their lower rates. Make sure the company you’ve chosen can give you these discounts.

There are other ways to save money using direct mail as well. Ask about any discounts on bulk orders, specific mail classes, or drop shipping.

There are also hidden costs to look out for. Get an itemized list of everything you’re paying for to ensure you’re not overcharged and save time during the bookkeeping process.

Working With the Best Direct Mail Marketing Service

A direct mail marketing service helps you take advantage of the benefits of direct mail, including personalization and higher response rates. This impact will only increase if you take the time to find the right one.

Look at their reputation, the services they offer, how they develop mailing lists, and how much they cost. These factors determine whether or not they can create an effective direct mail marketing campaign for you.

Modern Mail & Print Solutions is a direct mail marketing company with experience and proven results. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

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