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Learn to Craft the Most Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Did you know that advertisers in the US spend on average $167 per person on direct mail campaigns, and they generally earn $2,054 in sales in return? That means they have a 1,300% return on investment. Continue reading to learn how to craft an effective direct mail marketing strategy.

That’s a piece of the return on investment pie that no business would want to turn their nose up at.

Use this guide to craft the perfect direct mail marketing strategy. Cover all of the elements you need, and leave no factor unconsidered.

Man sending a letter - how to craft an effective direct mail marketing strategy

Starting From the Bottom First: Your Mailing List

You can’t have an amazing direct mail marketing strategy if you don’t have the mailing list to start with.

The quality of your mailing list or database will be responsible for most of your direct-mail profitability. A great place to start is looking through industry directories and building a database of likely buyers. Alternatively, you can look at purchasing ready-made mailing lists from reputable companies of the demographic you want to make your target audience.

There is a 40/40/20 rule for direct marketing that you should be aware of. The rule says that 40% of your success will be determined by finding the right audience for your business, the other 40% is dependent on providing an amazing offer and the remaining 20% is the quality and creativity of your actual mailer. So mailing to the right person with the right piece will directly impact your response rate.

Information is Key 

Make sure your direct mail marketing strategy is designed with your audience in mind.  Make sure your message and offer is relevant to the target market.

The biggest part of your strategy needs to be using the right call to action.  If you are looking for immediate response, you have to give your audience a reason for responding now and not later.  You cannot afford to send out direct mail marketing with no offer and expect a return.

Putting in a free offer or a percentage off on your piece is a great way to get your audience to take action. For example, a 30-day trial offer or a free gift as part of purchasing your product or service goes a long way. Your audience will be more willing to share valuable data if they’re receiving something in return. And getting this information is key to you building your perfect mailing list.

Designing Your Direct Mail Campaign 

There are so many elements that go into designing and putting together your direct mail marketing campaign.

You need to ensure that you have a design that stands out, but having said that, you can’t strive to ‘over-design’ your mailer either. Make your design in such a way that it simply reinforces the message that is essential to your success, focus on your offer and the product you’re trying to sell.

Make sure that the physical materials you use are of great quality too. High-quality paper and well-made envelopes will go a long way for your campaign.

Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy Win 

In finality, the last thing you need to be mindful of is that your strategy needs to be measurable. Make sure that you have steps in place so that you can see how successful or unsuccessful your campaign has been, and then adapt your direct mail marketing strategy to make it work. You can A/B test your campaigns, use Offer Codes, direct-in-dial phone numbers or Personalized URLs to measure your response rates.

If you’d like to see what direct mail marketing trends are set for 2019, read this article.

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How to Get Discount Postage for Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Did you know that 80 – 90 percent of direct mail is opened by consumers? Direct mail is an effective marketing tactic, but are you concerned about the cost of Postage?  If you want to utilize direct mail in your marketing strategy, let us show you how to leverage discount postage deals and increase your ROI.

US mailbox from the front with upright flag


1. Create Effective Mailing Lists

Make sure your direct mail order is large enough to meet the bulk postage rates. The USPS offer discounted bulk postage rates for both Standard Class and first Class mailings.  Ensure that your targeted mailing meets the minimum requirements. From just 200 pieces for Standard Class mail to 500 pieces for First Class mail.  The denser the list into one area, the great the savings.

Utilizing a commercial mail house to NCOA & CASS certify your mailing list, eliminates bad records and cuts down on duplicates, also will create savings.  Another option is to utilized clean lists from a Mailing List Broker. This can help cut down on mailing to irrelevant customers.

2. Design with Mail Regulations in Mind

  1. Most graphic designers don’t understand the USPS rules and regulations on direct mail. This could end up costing you big money in Postage.  So, it is important that you keep the guidelines in mind when setting up your direct mail piece or work with a mailing specialist to make sure you avoid those costly design mistakes.  The length of the piece, weight of the paper, folds, tabs and where the address block is placed all factor in the Postage costs.There are simple changes you can make to your piece of mail that will cut down on the postage costs. Knowing the difference between a postcard, letter and flat size mail piece can save you up to $.20 a piece in postage costs.And remember to keep your direct mail to the point. When in the direct mail design phase try to prioritize an enticing call to action rather than long blocks of text.

3. Take Advantage of Automation Rates

  1. The USPS provides considerable discounts when your mailings qualify for automation rates.  Contact your local USPS representative or be sure to work with a commercial mail house to ensure you have your mail piece set up correctly and are able to present the appropriate postal paperwork with your job that is required.  If your mailing doesn’t qualify for Automation rates, your postage could double so it is important to .

4. Utilize Drop Shipping Options

The USPS offers additional discounts if your mail is qualifies for SCF or NDC rates.  This typically happens on larger orders that are dense into one specific area or zip code.  The saving could be as much as $.028 a piece in addition to the standard class rates.  So it is important to use a mail house that understand how to drop ship your jobs to put additional postage costs back in your pocket.

Get Discount Postage for Your Campaigns Today

Direct mail can increase consumer awareness about your business while attracting new prospects. Are you ready to save money with discount postage on your next direct mail campaign?

At Modern Mail & Print Solutions, we are here to help you capitalize on the direct mail savings available to you and your company.

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The Big 3 Direct Mail Marketing Trends for 2019

While everyone is worried about their next email blast or social media post, you’re gearing up for your next direct mail campaign. You’ve mastered every front of marketing: social media, display ads, email, web content, sponsorship, and more. You even understand the power of direct mail as a marketing technique. You also know that trends change and consumer preferences aren’t static. So in an effort to create a well-rounded campaign that tailors to the present customer, you educate yourself on direct mail marketing trends.

Trends 2019 written under torn paper.

For 2019, here are some of those trends:


When it comes to your design, you should keep it sweet and simple. For example, lose the clutter and long paragraphs telling about you or your company.  Rather implement strong call to actions or offers.  A strong call to action statement will increase urgency from your prospect, which will increase response rates.  Your design and offer need to be relevant to your audience and speak to their needs. During the design phase, you should leverage variable data components to make your campaign more relevant to the recipient. For instance, consider using the recipient’s name or company within the messaging or the use of attractive images and colors that speak to your intended audience.


Just because it’s direct mail doesn’t mean you can’t utilize technology. With applications such as augmented reality, you can create a completely new virtual world in which to advertise. If that isn’t a direction you want, or are willing, to go then consider at least bridging the two worlds. Placing QR codes or personalized URLs on direct mail can make it easy for consumers to use their technology to reach your company. Since 66% of people are more likely to use a voucher or coupon if they have a physical copy, presenting them with one and then directing them to your site is the perfect way to expedite a transaction and allows your customer to respond how they want to, when they want to.

Mailing Strategies

In the past, the normal strategy was to mail out as much as you could afford to, blanketing an area, whether it was relevant to the addressee or not. Currently, advertisers and direct mail marketers are creating more specific, tailored lists of clientele. This means less blindly mailing in bulk and more targeted demographics. With Variable Digital Printing technology, you can customize each piece of mail to suit the addressee as well. Many digital printing companies can offer you VDP services.

Trends will always change, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Success isn’t accomplished by doing something once and never doing it again. Rather, it comes from a perpetual cycle of evaluation and action. To be successful in marketing, utilizing trends is key.

Looking to change digital printing companies, or find one that can handle your next campaign? Call us today.

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