The Common (And Costly) Direct Mail Mistakes You Need To Avoid

The marketing campaign of a company tends to first rely on digital marketing to get the attention of consumers, and then on direct mail marketing to rope them in. According to 92% of shoppers, direct mail is the preferred channel for making purchasing decisions. With all of that being said, it’s extremely important for your business to produce the best pieces of direct mail possible. As long as avoid these common mistakes, you’ll be firing up your offset printing machine for production in no time.

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You’ve Buried The Special Offer

While you may hope that your customers will be happy enough to get a well-designed piece of mail from you, they are almost always going to be looking for a discount or special deal above anything else. If that offer isn’t apparent from a customer’s first glance at the piece of mail, it might go right in their garbage can. Make sure that you lead with the offer and make it the focal point of the mailer. When customers can see the deal from the start, they’ll quickly understand how they can benefit from reading your mail.

Your Mailing List Is Ineffective

No matter how nice your mailer is or how good your offer is, it won’t have any effect on the wrong list of contacts. Make sure that you’ve identified your audience and that you’ve generated an up-to-date list of contacts who will actually be interested in your offer. Before you spend time designing the mailer and long before you’ve invested in using an offset printing for your mass mailing, be sure that you’ve nailed down your list and that it is targeting the right people.

You Don’t Have A Call To Action

Even when you’ve made your offer apparent and have sent the mailer to the right people, you need to include a clear call to action. Consumers can read an offer, but without a presentation of the next steps to take, they may let the offer lay on the counter and get buried by other mail. Make sure you tell them to take advantage of the offer through specific channels of contact like in person, on the phone, or on your website. You will also need to include a clear time frame that conveys a sense of urgency in order to inspire them to act quickly.

Direct mail can be a great advertising tool when done correctly. Steer clear of these mistakes and you will soon see the benefits of taking the time to design direct mail pieces and mass print them with offset printing.

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