4 Ways to Make Direct Mail Marketing Work for You

Direct mail marketing, if done correctly, can be an effective means of forging strong customer relations and brand awareness. If done incorrectly, then your mail will be considered “junk mail” and end up in the trash.

In truth, your well-composed, articulate piece of direct mail might end up in the trash anyway — that’s a significant risk of direct mail marketing. However, it is still the best marketing mean that can hit your target prospect at the right time, with the right message.  There are many uses of direct mail that might encourage recipients not to throw them away. Here are a few.


Not everything has to be a colorful, oversized postcard. Sometimes the best way to grab a potential customer’s attention is to be an open book (pun definitely intended). Sending a catalog that lists all of your products and services takes the ‘spam’ out of direct mail campaigns and leaves recipients with a straightforward list of what you can do for them. You can even include a coupon, but ultimately you’re leaving it in their hands to make a decision.

Discount Vouchers

The tried and (sometimes) true method of direct mail: discount vouchers. What better way to get someone interested in your product or service by giving it to them a Discount to response now, rather than later.

Useful Tips

Even though it’s technically “direct mail marketing,” you don’t always have to be direct. Sometimes all you need is to put your brand in someone’s brain and let it marinate there for a bit like a good steak. Eventually, they might need a product or service you offer, or know someone else who does, and your name will come to mind. You can do this by sending helpful industry tips, recipes, calendars, and more.  Keeping your message in front of your audience and staying Top of Mind is a great way to increase responses with your customer base.

Free Stuff

Going along the same lines as the discount voucher, if you can afford to give away samples, then you might have a great marketing opportunity. People love free stuff, even if they’ll never use it or have no interest in it, they’ll gladly accept it if it’s free. You can do this by sending a free sample directly to potential customers, or to whoever responds to your mailing. You could even use the piece of mail as a trade-in voucher, stating that if they come to your business on this day during this sale, they can “present this card for a free such and such.”

If you’re still hesitant on direct mail in a general sense, you shouldn’t be. Direct mail is preferred by 92% of shoppers for making purchasing decisions. All it takes is targeted direct mail lists with a reputable printing company, and some creativity to make your campaign a successful one.

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