3 Common Myths About Digital Printing Debunked

Even though digital media has revolutionized the marketing industry and created a whole new facet to how businesses promote themselves, print isn’t dead. There are still many positive and effective benefits to using direct mail in your marketing strategy. So in an effort to prove that digital printing companies can help with a successful print marketing effort, here are some debunked myths.

  1. MYTH – Direct Mail is expensive: Direct mail actually costs less to set up than email marketing or PPC. From a per piece cost, direct mail may appear more expensive but it allows you to be more targeted than any other marketing mean, providing a higher Return on Investment. Also, the larger the volume of pieces you print or the more saturated the mailing is into one area, the cheaper the piece gets.
  2. MYTH – Direct Mail is Generic: This is a very large misconception about the industry. Direct mail can be personalized to each personthey’re sent to. Digital printing uses a technique called Variable Data Printing, or VDP, that allows for changes to be made to each piece allowing it to be personalized to the recipient. That means headings can be changed to have recipients names, birthdays and other personalized information can be added, as well as discounts and vouchers for specific demographics. You could print a voucher for one customer that gives them 20% off their next purchase and one that gives their neighbor a BOGO discount without having to stop the printing process.
  3. MYTH – Direct Mail is Ineffective: A whopping 92% of shoppers stated that when it comes to making purchasing decisions, they prefer direct mail. Many consumers prefer to have a physical copy of a coupon or voucher rather than a virtual one from something like an email. They’ll be more likely to come into your store or business and actually use the voucher if they can hold on to it.

Even though you might think that the best route to go is still digital marketing, you are limiting the capacity of which a much more rounded campaign can produce results. Rather than isolating yourself to one method or another, try them both. Work on targeting demographics that shop mostly online as well as those who prefer in-store purchases.
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