Direct Mail vs Digital Marketing

Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort. As such, there are many customers who will absorb the message quickly. Not only that. Companies are experiencing a 70% recall rate compared to other forms of advertising.

In 2019, mobile marketing will account for 72% of US digital ad spending. It is expected that mobile ad spending will reach $65.87 billion by the end of 2019. As such, it will surpass desktop advertising spending.

In email marketing, segmented campaigns have a higher open rate of 14.32% compared to non-segmented. The reason why segmented campaigns have an upper hand is that they help you reach your target audience. Also, they help you get higher click rates.

Why direct mail isnt dead? When it comes to direct mail vs digital marketing, the former is trusted more than the latter. Is this true?

Read on to find out why direct marketing mail is the best option for business.


When it comes to direct mail vs digital marketing, there is a huge gap in personalization. For instance, it is common for social media users to notice an ad on their feed. Normally, the ad is a product they searched for recently.

What would be the reaction of the user? You guessed it right. The user will be alarmed. This is the same with emails from companies you are not familiar with. That is why you find your spam folder is full.

With direct mail, businesses carry out a personalized approach that is not intrusive. For instance, you may receive a custom postcard that is colorful with your name on it in your mailbox. Even with other direct mail options, consumers are always eager to open and learn more.

Simply put, direct mail is more straightforward compared to digital marketing. This makes the customer feel valued.

Content Quality

Today, there is an increase in low-quality content embedded with most advertising. This content is saturating the digital landscape making advertisers worried. When a platform is saturated with questionable content, advertisers will not consider it.

For instance, a lot of businesses engage in black hat SEO techniques just to achieve top page rank. As such, you will end up finding less credible information on the first page of the search engine.

As the digital landscape is rife with questionable content, advertisers are turning to direct mail. With direct mail marketing, businesses add a personal touch with each postcard. This helps to increase their conversion rates.

A touch of personalization increases the response by 135%.

That is not all. They are also using high-resolution images, strong CTAs, and heavy stock paper.

More Memorable

Today, whether we are searching, streaming, or swiping, we are assailed with digital ads. From text-based ads to video-based ads, they flash before our eyes in blazing speeds.

Forty-four percent of the people can recall a brand directly after watching a digital ad. In another survey, 75% of the people could recall a brand after receiving direct mail.

The reason why customers recall brands is because of the personalized touch. It could also be the use of coupons, fliers, tailored messages, and postcards.

Direct Mail vs Digital Marketing – Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to direct mail vs digital marketing, direct mail is the better option. Why? It’s cost-effective, personalized and highly flexible. With a compelling creative postcard, you can make a great first impression.

This increases your conversion rates.

Looking for the right direct mail services for your business? We at Modern Mail & Print Solutions can help. Contact us today!

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B2B vs B2C Direct Mail Marketing: Know Your Audience

If you’re looking to drum up business, then direct mail marketing is a good strategy to employ. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, which means the money you spend on direct mail marketing will be well spent. Depending on the services or products you offer, your approach to this type of marketing will have to be different if it’s B2B, as opposed to B2C. In this article, you’ll learn some tips for B2B vs. B2C direct mail marketing.

b2b vs b2c direct mail marketing

B2B Direct Mail Marketing

With B2B marketing, the buying cycle is longer than with B2C marketing. So, you need to make sure your marketing is consistent all throughout the cycle. If your marketing isn’t optimal at any point, it can cause people to lose interest and look somewhere else.

Another key aspect to keep in mind about B2B direct mail marketing is that the piece typically has to go through a Gatekeeper. This means you would want your marketing piece to appear to have the utmost importance and be addressed to the ultimate decision marker.

For example, you should consider using a letter in an envelope rather than a post card and personalize it to the specific person you are targeting and not to just the business. Gatekeepers typically won’t open a letter that looks personal or important to others. This will increase the chances of your prospects opening your marketing piece and in turn create a higher response rate.

While most people believe that B2B means cold and unemotional, the opposite is actually true. Since the buying cycle is so long, there’s more of a need to appeal to the emotional side to get buyers to commit and take a risk.

This means that while your B2B direct mail marketing shouldn’t be too casual or humorous, you still have to do your research into what appeals to the emotional side of decision makers. Find out what their pain points are, address them, and position your company as one to trust to solve their problems.

The most important messages you want to get through in your B2B direct mail marketing are ones that you can build a lasting relationship upon. This will include reliability, expertise, and credibility.

B2C Direct Mail Marketing

B2C marketing involves more storytelling than B2B marketing does. The B2C buying cycle is a lot shorter than the B2B one, which means you need to catch your prospects’ interests quickly. B2C purchase tend to lean towards impulse buys more, so if you can appeal to the emotions effectively, then you’ve almost certainly secured a sale.

When you use B2C direct mail marketing, you want to have strong branding. You’ll need to focus heavily on the graphics on your mailings. Since you want to connect with customers on a personal level, your copy can take on a more casual and friendly tone. In fact, you can even incorporate humor.

You want to ensure your B2C offer is clear and stands out. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospects, so you want it to be impactful. In fact, postcards are a great way for you to get your message in their hands, while making sure they see your offer right away.

Another commonly used strategy is to place a letter in an envelope that appears to be a personal card/invitation. Everyone likes to receive birthday/holiday cards or invites in the mail, increasing the chances of the consumer opening the piece.

Since you’re going for impulse buys, it may be a good idea to include coupons for either discounts or free items. These things can make all the difference between someone keeping your mailing or throwing it away immediately.

B2B vs. B2C Direct Mail Marketing: Know the Difference

When it comes to B2B vs. B2C direct mail marketing, knowing the difference in approach can have a huge impact on your marketing. Most other direct mail marketing is considered as “junk mail” by consumers. But if you use the right techniques, then you’ll create something that your potential customers will see,  like, and remember.

For reliable printing services regarding direct mail marketing, get in touch with us today.

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Direct Mail Marketing Tips And Trends

Direct mail marketing has a larger emotional impact than digital ads. As such, it has resulted in a stronger recall. The average household receives two or more pieces of direct mail a day and 90% of the direct mail is opened.

If the house has a median income of more than $65k, there is a 58% chance they will buy goods recommended by direct mail when it is relevant to them.

The reason why households have a high rate of opening direct mail is that there is a sense of excitement. Consumers cannot wait to read what new products or offers are in the mail from their favorite retailors. Direct mail marketing is effective because it is memorable, tangible and creates a lasting impression among your prospects.

In this post, we highlight the direct mail marketing tips and trends.

direct mail marketing

Know Who Your Audience Is

Direct mail marketing can be expensive but the ROI can be huge. To make your campaigns effective, you need to know your audience and who you are trying to target. The best way to start is by creating a list of your current customers.  Knowing who your customer is, what they look like, how they buy and how frequently they buy is key to a marketing strategy.  This allows you to focus your campaigns towards your customers’ needs and wants, which will increase response rates.

Also by profiling your current customers, it will help you identify what your future customer looks like. You can purchase custom consumer mailing lists that are specific to the type of audience you want to market to.  Identifying your target market is essential for having a successful direct mail campaign.

Maximize Your Returns with Value-Added Promotion

You can continue saving and maximize your returns with value-added promotions. In every direct mail sent to customers, it should contain rebates and discounts or a strong call to action. For instance, you can add a coupon that your customers can redeem when shopping.

By doing so, you are giving your customers a reason to buy from you now and not later.

But how do you make your message stand out?  Use relevant and tailored messages specific to your audience. Make your offer specific to their wants and needs.  Personalize your direct mail piece by using VDP (Variable Data Printing) so that it calls out to your recipient.  Response rates soar when the consumer thinks the direct mail piece was specific to them and not everyone else.

Personalizing your messages has been a proven way to maximize conversion rates and will help establishing customer loyalty.

Select the Right Medium

30% of internet users are expected to use an ad blocker. What this indicates is that consumers are getting overwhelmed with email ads and are running away from the digital ads. To reach your savvy customers, you need to up your game.


By adopting the latest in direct mail marketing tips and strategies. For instance, invest in influencer marketing, seek referral partnerships or use postcards. Another strategy that businesses are yet to capitalize on is cross channel marketing.

This is where businesses get to integrate many channels such as direct mail, and social media. A good example is where a business has invested in an AI fused CRM. The application allows easier integration with your direct mail marketing efforts.

Using AI, you can track consumer behavior and even anticipate their needs. AI technology can also help you forecast your channel fatigue.

Send out Creative Designs

What design pieces have you been sending out in the past? Were you able to achieve your goals? If your conversion rates have remained the same, then you may want to inject some creativity in your designs.

Instead of small designs, why not go for large pieces. Incorporate bright colors and higher impact images. When it comes to CTAs, use those that can compel your customers to take action.

You can also incorporate fun and creative elements such as texture. Even when it comes to paper, go for heavier stock.

Growing Your Business with Direct Mail Marketing

Only Direct Mail allows you to target your specific prospect, with a specific offer that is for them, that allows them to respond how and when they want to.  That is why Direct Mail Marketing remains the best one-on-one marketing tool for any business.  Profile your customers and utilize personalization and watch your response rates increase!

Are you in search of direct mail services? We at Modern Mail & Print Solutions can help. Contact us today!


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Essential Direct Mail Design Tips and Ideas

The USPS processed and delivered 509 million pieces of mail. That translates to 21.2 million pieces of mail per day and 353,000 per minute. Simply put, the USPS handles 47% of the world’s mail.

You may be wondering how businesses are able to convert prospects into buying customers with direct mail. Well, it’s no secret; the success of direct mail marketing is all about sending the right piece, to the right prospect, at the right time. But how do you get noticed in the mail box? Standing out in the mail is all about the use of impactful images with a strong Call to Action on your piece. And if you can add in personalization in your direct mail design, that will help you stand out amongst the competition!

In this post, we highlight essential direct mail design tips and ideas that will help increase your response rates.

Email marketing concept with businessman touching a mail button to send a message to a list of customers

Keep Your Brand and Design Consistent

Your postcard is a gateway to interacting with your customers. If you want them to take action – buy your products – you need to build trust immediately. How do you go about this?

By maintaining consistency in your brand and design.

When you do so, you promote bonding and familiarity between your brand and your consumers. Not only that, you reassure your customers that they are dealing with the same brand.  You want to create brand awareness and stay top of mind.

To achieve consistency, pay attention to the design and conceptualization phases. That means maintaining the brand message, color scheme, and other elements.

Understand What Your Consumers Want

If you don’t know what your audience is looking for, it is difficult to design postcards that will achieve a high response rate. You want your postcards to be relevant to your audience so making sure the design of the piece and offer speak to your prospect is very important.  Remember, when you target a specific audience with your direct mail piece, you are positioning your business as the go-to location for customers to find and buy the products they need.

So profiling your current customers and identifying the right target audience for your marketing message is key to setting up a successful campaign.  If you are unsure where to start, work with a reputable data company and they will help you find the right target market.

Understanding what your customers want and making sure your direct mail piece is designed accordingly is key.

Use Pre-Built Direct Mail Templates

Want to entice your airline passengers with a printable paper plane? How about using a briefcase design to entice business travelers? Want to celebrate the anniversary of your loyal customer or Christmas?

You can achieve this with a pre-built direct mail marketing templates.

A quick search on Pinterest will reveal hundreds of designs for your target audience. For instance, you can choose a coffee cup in a box as an appreciation gift. You can also use a brochure or a loft cube design.  Again, it’s about being relevant to your target market and speaking to them with your marketing message.

With pre-built designed templates, you get to save time and money. The templates are designed by professional direct mail designers. As such, you can achieve a higher response rate if sent to your target audience.

Use White Space Effectively

Adding white space to your direct mail design emphasizes the important sections. Also, it helps to organize your elements helping you avoid overcrowding design elements.

For instance, you can add white space between your logo and brand name or CTA. Here is a simple trick to utilizing your white space well.  Divide your layout into four parts – header, body, call to action and image. The header should be clear and attention-grabbing. For the body, it should have the important details. For your call to action, use an accent color to ensure it stands out.  The Image is the most important part of your direct mail design. Use high resolutions images that are simple and colorful.

Direct Mail Design Tips for Your Business

There are more direct mail design tips to keep in mind. After designing your postcard or brochure, proofread it. Also, give it to others to proofread your design. You can request your employees, your family or co-workers to do so.  Better yet, ask some of your existing clients if your design would get them to respond!  You are trying to find like customers, so why not ask them what would make them want to do business with you.

Their opinion will help you to create effective designs and campaigns.

Looking for great direct mail designs for your business. We at Modern Mail & Print Solutions can help. Contact us today!

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3 Tips To Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

In a digital era, it can be easy to think that direct mail and print marketing doesn’t have as much of an impact; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As many as 92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions. However, shoppers will only make those purchasing decisions if you properly optimize direct mail marketing campaigns. Use these tips to make the most of your mailing lists. They will help optimize your direct mail campaigns as much as possible.

this picture represents how to optimize direct mail marketing campaign as a concept.

3 Ways to Optimize Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns:

Remember Your Target Audience

When you’re designing your mail campaign, you’ll want to focus on the target audience. A design meant to be opened by Millennials will look different than one meant for seniors. Make your message and offer specific to your target market.  Consider what types of mail your average customer is getting on a daily basis and keep that in mind when designing. Make sure your mailing list is targeted and hitting the right prospects.  Stay focused on your preferred customers to give your campaign the best possible chance of improving your business.

Use Eye-Catching Design

One of the difficulties of direct mail marketing is it can only be effective if the intended audience opens it. If your customer recognizes it as an advertisement or something they don’t need, they’re not likely to open or ready it. Make your designs eye-catching and unique, specific to your audience with information visible that’s sure to get the attention of your consumers. This will help you stand out against standard letters, bills, and other advertisements that might end up in their mailbox.  Personalizing the direct mail with Variable Data Printing is another way to stay ahead of the competition and standing out in the mail box.

Integrate Online Resources

Utilizing digital technology with your direct mail can be one of the most useful tools available to optimize your campaign.  Leveraging Personalized URL’s, QR codes and Informed Delivery with your mail campaigns provides a coordinated omni-channel experience to enhance your marketing.  This gives customers multiple ways to respond to your offers. Plus, it allows them to respond how they want and when they want to your direct mail piece.  Making things easy and seamless for the prospect is the best way to increase response rates!

Direct mail marketing is still be incredibly effective, even in the new digital era. Making use of these tips will help you optimize your direct mail campaigns to draw in as many new customers as possible. For more information, contact Modern Mail and Print Solutions today.

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What Is The Difference Between Direct Mail and Email Marketing?

Do you know the difference between direct mail and email marketing? Have you ever received a coupon, discount offer, or information on an upcoming sale in your mailbox? Or perhaps you prefer finding out about discounts via email promotions. In either case, you were the target of a marketing campaign designed to get you in the store. Today, email marketing and direct mail are two of the most popular forms of consumer marketing. Yet, many people don’t really understand these techniques. In this post, we will explain how these marketing methods work and how they might benefit you.

a graphic representing the different between direct mail and email marketing

Difference Between Direct Mail and Email Marketing:

What is Direct Mail and Email Marketing?

Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters, print services, and sales letters.  This marketing mean goes out via the postal system targeting either current customers, past customers or potential prospects that would utilize your services. The most effective direct-mail pieces often feature discounts and coupons for consumers.
Email marketing involves sending a mass commercial message, usually to a group of people that have shopped for your service before, using email. Email marketing includes using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

Direct mail vs. Email marketing

We typically look at a new email for just two seconds. Because of the sheer volume of emails in our inbox and advertisements on the web, digital messages can be slightly less memorable than print messages. Brand recall directly after seeing a digital ad is just 44%, in comparison to direct mail which has a brand recall of 75%. Although the US Post Office has increased postage costs over recent years, there are Drop Ship services available to save on bulk mailings that make direct mail very cost effective. Plus Print Services and Mail Services have dropped throughout the past few years due to advancements in presses and efficiencies making direct mail more affordable.  Email marketing might be cheaper to facilitate and might get a higher response rate of opens. But direct mail has proven to generate a larger return on investment.

Benefits of Direct Mail marketing

Direct Mail is the only marketing mean that allows businesses to target a specific type of prospect and hit them at their home or business with a marketing message knowing that it has been received. Other Marketing means like Radio, TV and Email marketing are all effective marketing methods but there is never a guarantee that your prospect will see your message, hear it or open it due to SPAM filters and full inboxes.  In fact, Direct Mail has the perception of a more personal form of marketing. While email has the perception to be rapid and informal. Research suggests that Direct Mail is better for generating new customers. In fact, 13.8 billion letters are sent every year, 12,098,60 a day are direct mail messages created by print services. In addition, the average lifespan of direct mail is 17 days.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The average return on investment for an email is $38 for every $1 spent. Each year, 74 trillion emails are sent, and the average lifespan of an email is two seconds. Email is better for generating profit fast with Flash Sales or huger offers. Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail. It can reach a very broad network of prospects, but with SPAM filters and the majority of retailors sending daily emails, a lot of them go unopened or seen.
How do you decide between direct mail print services and email marketing?  There are benefits to each and they both should be a part of your marketing strategy.  But keep in mind when sending an offer or coupon to a potential prospect, research has found that 66% of consumers are more likely to remember to use a voucher if they have a physical copy of a coupon verses an email copy.  Hopefully this cleared up many concerns when it comes to the difference between direct mail and email marketing.

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Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials: How to Make the Most of Your Campaign

There is a significant amount of debate surrounding direct mail marketing and millennials. Although the younger generation spends most of its time cavorting on digital platforms, they still very much trust direct mail marketing campaigns. In fact, a recent survey found that 90% of millennials consider direct mail advertising to be reliable. In order to fully take advantage of this, your direct mail strategies must suit their needs and interests. Let’s take a look at just how this can be done.

Group of thoughtful business millennials, analyzing a Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials campaign with eyeglasses reading documents in the office.

Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials:

  • Build A Laser-Targeted Mailing List

Gone are the days of blindly reaching for customers; in this modern era, you’ve got a lot of accurate information at your fingertips regarding demographics. By leveraging this information, you can pinpoint the right people to target for your campaign; focus on demographics, behaviors, and life events. This will help to create a campaign that is relevant and even exciting for consumers.

  • Test and Track Everything

Despite your best efforts, no campaign will be perfectly suited for every consumer out there. The key is understanding what is working the best (and what isn’t) so you can take steps toward a more impactful campaign in the future; you can do this by testing and tracking every new campaign or strategy you implement. In turn, you’ll be able to make the most out of your marketing budget and see higher returns on investments.

  • Multiply Your Touch Points

Not every plan works immediately, which is why the “3-7-27” rule of prospecting exists. If you can get your message in front of a consumer three times, they’ll be able to recall who you are; after seven times, they’ll remember you or your brand; after 27 times, they’ll trust you. As a result of this rule, it’s important that you not abandon a campaign too soon — it may end up working out a little farther down the line.

At the end of the day, the details of your mail marketing services determine how successful your campaign is. If you’re reaching the right people and are saying the right things, but you’re not keeping comprehensive data on their responses or behavior, it will be impossible to figure out what is working and what isn’t. By following the above tips, you can ensure that you’re gleaming every ounce of useful data as possible from your direct mail marketing campaign and reaching the younger generation of millennials.

Take a look at our many direct mail marketing strategies for your next millennial-driven campaign.

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Direct Mail Campaign: 3 Vital Elements For Improvement

Marketing is a complex field. Many firms have some difficulties with their direct mail campaign process. Though each individual company may have different personal goals, they all must rely on marketing campaigns — either through digital strategies, direct mail advertising, or a mix of the two — in order to successfully achieve those goals.

However, even the best attempts can go awry; direct mail marketing campaigns can miss their target, digital campaigns can get lost in the fray, and mistakes can crop up in both. These are the problems many companies face with their direct mail campaign.

Direct mail campaigns, in particular, can be more difficult because less data can be mined from their implementation; on the flipside, they are more profitable if done well due to the fact that 92% of shoppers prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions. Rather than take another shot in the dark, consider the following vital elements of direct mail marketing campaigns.

Close-up Of Postman Hands Putting Letters View From Inside The Mailbox referencing to a direct mail campaign

Direct Mail Campaign Improvements

  • Audience

As a business, your demographic is your livelihood. In order to appeal to their needs, you must understand who they are and — more crucially — how you can get in contact with them. Make sure all of your data is up-to-date: clean up your mailing list by eliminating false addresses and continue to track purchase history and geographics so you can better target them. The more information you can collect, the more you can narrow down who they are; the more you do that, the better your response rate will be.

  • Offer

You know who they are, but what do they like? Garnering loyalty (and making sales) hinges upon what you’re willing to offer your prospective customers; if your offer does not resonate with them, they’ll find one that does elsewhere. Consider taking a look at your past strategies — what worked, what didn’t, and how they differ.

  • Design

First impressions happen in fractions of a second, but can take a lifetime to change. You’ve got a great offer — now make it look great. Pay attention to colors, layouts, and spelling! Grammatical and spelling errors can turn someone off of your company before you have a chance to get your foot in the door.

By truly understanding these elements, you can build a direct mail campaign on their solid foundation. Then, all you’ll have to do is find a reliable printing company to handle your commercial printing needs. Don’t let another campaign fall by the wayside; improve your foundation and get started with commercial printing today.

Click here to learn more about direct mail campaigns in the Tampa Bay Area. 

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Direct Mail Don’ts: 3 Things To Avoid During Your Campaign

In this digital marketing era we live in, the consumer rules. With a plethora of businesses all vying for their attention, they have the opportunity to be choosy. Marketing strategies must be well thought out or they will fall by the wayside while your competitors scramble to the top. You have to be aware of direct mail don’ts to avoid client conflict.

Direct mail marketing campaigns offer a way to give your consumers what they want — personal attention and motivation to swear fealty to your brand. Let’s take a look at three things you should not do when working on your direct mail campaign.

Close-up Of A Businessperson's Hand Holding Marker On Document for direct mail dont's

Direct Mail Don’ts

  • Fail to proofread

Although you may be excited about your mail processing campaign, don’t rush things. Nothing turns a customer off more — and puts your mail in the garbage faster — than a glaring typo, noticeable formatting issue, or overall poor print quality. Before you give the go-ahead to mass produce the product, take some time to actually look at it and read it over.

  • Forget to follow up

Direct mail marketing is an easy and profitable way of getting your company’s foot in a customer’s door, but it’s going to take a little more effort to fully secure a lead. Make sure that you’re re-engaging after that initial interaction, or your consumers may lose interest and go elsewhere.

  • Ignore the Internet

As effective as direct mail can be, it shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy. We live in a digital and mobile age. Meaning nearly everyone in the world owns a cell phone, so not establishing an online presence is damaging. Find a sustainable balance between direct mail marketing and digital marketing, and you’ll be hitting customers on all fronts.

You can’t create an effective direct mail advertising scheme without a quality printing company at your disposal. By utilizing all manner of printing services and implementing a direct mail processing plan, it will be surprising at how many new leads your company receives. Approximately 90% of millennials believe that direct mail advertising is reliable; by resisting the above mistakes, you can help raise that percentage even higher.

Additional resources about our direct mail services we offer, click here.

Additional resources about what other direct mail mistakes to avoid are here. 

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Ways To Improve Your Campaign: 3 Ways for Dang Good Direct Mail

There’s no doubt that the world is changing. As technology becomes more and more pertinent, advertising campaigns have to adapt. At the same time, consumer behaviors are shifting; the demand for personalized marketing strategies is higher than ever. Making ways to improve your campaign seem difficult. If your company doesn’t incorporate both mobile and direct mail campaigns in their marketing methods, it’s only a matter of time before you fall behind the competition. Here are three ways to bring your direct mail marketing campaign into the modern era.

Close up Woman hand arranging wood block stacking as step stair. Business concept growth success process for ways to improve your campaign.

Ways to Improve Your Campaign:


It takes less than a second for people to form first impressions, and often times they change. Treat the design and aesthetic of your direct mail advertising like you would your store itself; it needs to be professional but not too serious, and casual but not lazy. As with most things in life, balance is crucial to success.


Though this will be trickier for new customers, personal campaigns can greatly boost your odds of a sale. It has been statistically proven that customer experience trumps cost — try to treat your customer like an old acquaintance rather than someone with deep pockets. Collect as much information as legally possible to create an experience that is personal and unique rather than vague and generic.

Provide Value

Even the best direct mail campaigns fail if they’re not relevant to their target demographic, or if they don’t offer something useful in return. For example, people are less likely to visit your site if there’s no promotional sale currently going on. Try to focus on things that will encourage your customers to learn more about your business; the closer they get, the more likely they are to support your company.

Did you know that over 60% of direct mail recipients went on to visit a promoted website? With success like that, your company will be one step closer to domination in its field. You’ll need to find quality commercial printing services to handle the production of your direct mail campaign, and then you can truly experiment with the benefits direct mail offers.

If you’re ready to get started on a campaign of your own, contact Modern Mail and Print Solutions at 888.430.6245 for all your commercial printing needs today.

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